Monday, April 14, 2014


We Like the #4 here at 4 wide

 It was a very entertaining race and I was poised to have a good points finish until Logano cooked his Hub! And Keselowski didn't do me any favors going from 11th to 19th on the last green white checker. Two people had a great finish when Harvick won and if you had  Hendrick drivers, you finished well also.
  Last weeks winner was Pulls Out with 359 points he started Harvick, Edwards, Biffle and Larson. The 120 points by Harvick was key for his big points total and it was his second win of the year. He also pulled out into 13th place from 19th. In second place this week was Joe Bangers with 319 points and it's good to see him doing well. He missed the first two races after getting wasted in margaritaville. When you party at Jimmy Buffets place you can lose track of time..I know. In 3rd was Bumpin Uglies with 311 points. After 2 bad races it looks like Bumpin Uglies is back on his game.
  We also have a new leader overall and I would be remiss if I didn't mention it. Motor city Muscle took over the lead with 2,356 points. Dark Horse dropped to second 7 points back. Monster E Racing, MulderRacing and Motoracing are coming fast and not far behind. In fact the top 6 are within 20 points.
  We have a week off and I hope everyone enjoys their Chocolate Bunnies whether they are human or candy. See you in 2 weeks .The next race is another short track. Good Ole Richmond.


RankTeamSegment PointsSeason PointsRank +/-Weekly Finishes ?
Top 10Top 5Wins
1Motor City Muscle2,3562,356(+1)430
2Dark Horse2,3492,349(-1)432
3monster e racing2,3482,348(+1)711
7Zagnut Racing2,2962,296(+1)530
9Amish Racin2,2492,249(+1)220
10Kannapolis Intimidators2,2472,247(+1)320
11Dale Sr #32,2242,224(+1)430
12Not 1st Place2,1962,196(+3)310
13Pulls Out2,1932,193(+6)332
14Skidmark Central2,1912,191(-1)310
16BUMPIN UGLIES2,1852,1850431
17m&m racing2,1812,181(-3)211
18BIGSHOW MACHINES2,1422,142(+2)310
19Tradin Paint2,0782,078(-1)210
20weekend warriors2,0712,071(+1)420

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


                                Logano passes Gordon on the last lap to win

Thanks alot Little E. What were you thinking??? You messed up my points total this week with your Divot Racing. And worse ,you messed up your team mates "Top Jimmy" day when your divot hit his car. The only other big hit some players took was Harvick blowing his engine. Both drivers messed up alot of players in 4-Wide. Logano won the race and the Penske cars look like the ones to beat this year...just sayin!
  This weeks big winner was Monster E Racing with 359 points. He started Kenseth, Vickers, Logano and Larson and moved up 6 positions to 4th overall. Amish Racing took second with 337 points and moved into the top ten.Mulder Racing finished 3rd with 302 points and sits in 6th place, 41 points behind the overall leader Dark horse.
  Next week we get a Saturday Night date with the Lady in Black.Don't forget to set your line-ups in time.


RankTeamSegment PointsSeason PointsRank +/-Weekly Finishes ?
Top 10Top 5Wins
1Dark Horse2,0842,0840432
2Motor City Muscle2,0832,083(+1)430
4monster e racing2,0482,048(+6)611
8Zagnut Racing1,9861,9860420
10Amish Racin1,9631,963(+4)220
11Kannapolis Intimidators1,9631,963(-4)320
12Dale Sr #31,9141,914(+4)320
13Skidmark Central1,9081,908(-2)310
14m&m racing1,9031,903(+1)211
15Not 1st Place1,8881,888(-3)210
16F1 Honda RA3011,8771,877(+1)210
17BUMPIN UGLIES1,8741,874(+1)321
18Tradin Paint1,8611,861(-5)210
19BIGSHOW MACHINES1,8421,842(+1)210
20Pulls Out1,8341,834(-1)221

Monday, March 31, 2014


                                            Kurt Busch is Gutten Haas!!

The Paperclip was tough. Bad Brad and the so-called Outlaw(Kurt Busch) were not playing nicely. K Busch ended up winning the darn thing even though he said he was toast after the pit road collision with Keselowski. It was a good race on the track but some of the best action was on pit road with Kenseth getting spun 180 degrees and changed four tires facing the wrong way. Crazy Good!!
   Pulls Out won this week with 339 points, he started  J.J. ,Biffle, Logano, and Dillon. This strong showing was after a horrible California race where he scored 135 points. Way to pull out of that Dive Joe!! Second place this week was Weekend Warriors with 312 points,  he still sits in 21st but is making up ground on a lackluster start. Third place was Motor City Muscle with 309 points ,he moved into 3rd place overall and is only 51 points behind the leader.
  Next week were in my home state of Texas. So strap on some irons and come out a shooting!!


RankTeamSegment PointsSeason PointsRank +/-Weekly Finishes ?
Top 10Top 5Wins
1Dark Horse1,8691,8690432
3Motor City Muscle1,8181,818(+1)430
7Kannapolis Intimidators1,7201,720(+2)320
8Zagnut Racing1,7161,716(-3)320
10monster e racing1,6891,689(+1)500
11Skidmark Central1,6551,655(-4)310
12Not 1st Place1,6481,648(+6)210
13Tradin Paint1,6461,646(+1)210
14m&m racing1,6301,630(-2)111
15Amish Racin1,6261,626(-2)110
16Dale Sr #31,6181,6180210
17BUMPIN UGLIES1,6091,609(-2)321
18F1 Honda RA3011,6071,607(-1)110
19Pulls Out1,5861,586(+1)221
20BIGSHOW MACHINES1,5691,569(-1)110