Wednesday, November 20, 2013



  First let me thank all those that joined this league and raced hard every week. This was the most competative racing league that I have had a part in. The top 5 finished in the top 6% overall in all the players in Yahoo. Thats pretty damn good. I hope you will all be back next year and I will send out invites in Jnauary. So lean back and have a good holiday season with your loved ones.
    CONGRATS!! to LeeRacer . He was the man this year and had the most wins this year with 4. He also tied me with the most top 5 finishes in 12. Running up front is always a recipe for success. And congrats to this years runner up Jesus motorsports. He didn't win any races but he was the most consistant with 22 top ten finishes. It goes without saying he had very few bad races and will be known as Mr. consistancy.
   Thanks again for sticking with your teams. Even if you were near the bottom. 24 teams out of 27 finshed the season with credible line-ups . See you next year in the 4-Wide Racing League.


1 LeeRacer 9,916

2 Jesus Motorsports 9,875

3 Jack Wagon 9,796



6 Dirt Rat Racing 13 9,604

7 monster e racing 9,549 

8 john66 9,523

9 MulderRacing 9,403

10 Flying Dutchman Racing 9,397

11 Exit 67 9,396 

12 SICK PUPS 9,383

13 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 9,379

14 Kannapolis Intimidators 9,373


16 HOT--FOOT 9,310

17 Lew's Junk Yard Dogs 9,288

18 Alabama Titans 9,281

19 Da Gangsters 9,219

20 wild texans 9,148 

21 RED 2-1 9,122 

22 Colt Lightning 9,023 

23 Semper Pirates 8,932

24 DirtPrincess00 7,580

25 SKULL & BONES 5,660

26 Rat Rods 4,685 0 7 2 0

27 Speed Racer 3,382

Monday, November 11, 2013



  What a difference a week makes. Last week I had Cousin Carl Edwards and when he blew up..well...I was a cusin. I didn't fall into the same trap this week and sat Cussin Carl Edwards. He ran out of gas with 1-1/2 laps to go and there was a ton a swearing going on. But it wasn't me . My man Harvick was the recipiant of the bane of all fantasy racing leagues(Cussin Carl). He was running second and finished with max points with most laps led.
  This weeks 4 Wide winner was the Alabama Titans with 351 points and he will win the Playoff segment. Da Gangsters finished 2nd with 340 points and put last weeks disappointment behind him. Hot-Foot finished 3rd .
   In the overall race with one to go. It looks like a 2 team race unless something crazy happens. LeeRacer has a 19 point lead over second place Jesus Motorsports. Jack wagon had a good showing this week and mathamaticaly can win it but The top two are gonna have to help him. 4th place Big Show stumbled and it would take lottery like luck to win the championship.
  Lats race next week boys and girls. See ya in Homestead!


1 LeeRacer 9,607

2 Jesus Motorsports 9,588

3 Jack Wagon 9,516 (+1)


5 Dirt Rat Racing 13 9,366


7 monster e racing 9,275

8 john66 9,261

9 SICK PUPS 9,177 (+1)

10 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 9,137 (-1)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Yipee Ki Yae Motherfucker

  Oh, the Humanity!!! I satrted Gordon, Edwards , Logono and Mears. Logono was the only bright spot, the others can kiss my tailpipe. JackWagon on the other hand had a great day. He scored the most points (325) and moved into 4th place in the overall race. If he keeps up the good finishes ...who knows , he may win this thing. Jesus Motorsports scored 300 points and the good showing moved him into 2nd place overall. Sick Pups finished 3rd this week with 294 points and it's good to see him getting healthier.
   The overall lead is still held by LeeRacer and gave him some breathing room after Bigshow's Machine faltered. He leads Jesus Motorsports by 49 points and Bigshow by 120. Next week we visit Phoenix .With 2 weeks left the championship is still up for grabs.


1 LeeRacer 9,350

2 Jesus Motorsports 9,301 (+1)

3 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 9,230 (-1) 

4 Jack Wagon 9,211 (+1) 

5 Dirt Rat Racing 13 9,140 (-1) 


7 monster e racing 8,969 

8 john66 8,940 (+1)

9 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 8,883 (-1) 

10 Kannapolis Intimidators 8,864 (+2)

Monday, October 28, 2013


What do you know??? Jeff Gordon Wins

  Ladies and Gentlemen ...It's not over. Martinsville reared it ugly short track racing head and nipped several of us in the Ass. Only 1 team finished above the 300 point mark and that was this weeks winner, Flying Dutchman Racing.  He scored 308 points and moved up to 14th place in the overall standings.
  The Biggest story this week was the stumble of the points leader. LeeRacer looked to be pulling away after the Dega race but only scored 185 points. It was his worst showing since week 15 and may be the one he looks back on with disgust if he ends up losing the championship. Second place overall Bigshows Machine's didn't have a great day but he did shave 70 points off LeeRacers lead. He is now only 52 points back with 3 races left. Jesus Motorsports is 75 back in 3rd and will need some help from the All Mighty to catch the leader.
  Next week we will be racing in Texas. Yeeee Hawww!


1 LeeRacer 9,086


3 Jesus Motorsports 9,001 

4 Jack Wagon 8,886 (+2) 

5 Dirt Rat Racing 13 8,882 (-1) 

6 SHINYSIDEUP 8,873 (-1) 

7 monster e racing 8,719 (+2)

8 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 8,701 

9 john66 8,655 (-2)


Monday, October 21, 2013


Ridiculous 4 Wide In The Corner

  The Story here folks is , LeeRacer is running away with the championship. He Posted the best score this week  (338) in what can be considered a wildcard race. If Lee Racer was gonna falter it would have been this one. Because there was no "Big Wreck" that took out many front runners, this race became predictable. Jack Wagon (336) and Lews Junk Yard Dog's (334) had great showings and proved why they have been near the top all season.
   With four races to go it's a 3 team race with LeeRacer pulling away with 8,901 points. Bigshow's Machines are 119 points back and Jesus Motorsports is 132 points behind.
  Next week the short track of Martinsville. There be a Fender Banging Good Time Had By All.


1 LeeRacer 8,901


3 Jesus Motorsports 8,769

4 Dirt Rat Racing 13 8,641


6 Jack Wagon 8,589

7 john66 8,531 (+1)

8 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 8,519 (+1)

9 monster e racing 8,487 (-2)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Bad Brad wins at Charlotte

  Da Gangsters got their 2nd win of the season with a 325 point showing in Charlotte. While he doesn't have a shot of the overall title he still could win the playoff segment. Bigshow's Machines finished second with 322 points and shaved 40 points off LeeRacers overall lead. 3rd place went to monster e racing with 317 points.
  LeeRacer still holds onto the overall lead but as I said above here comes Bigshow's Machine. Jesus Motorsports is 120 points behind in 3rd and with 5 races left. They will need some help to win it all.


1 LeeRacer 8,563


3 Jesus Motorsports 8,443 

4 Dirt Rat Racing 13 8,377 


6 Jack Wagon 8,253

7 monster e racing 8,239 (+2) 

8 john66 8,229 (-1)

9 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 8,217 (-1) 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Harvick wins at Kansas

  Were Back Baby!! Moms out of the Hospital and in a Re-hab facility. Thanks for all the well wish's and prayers. Now back to the racing.
   The Albama Titans won this week with 322 points. He is making a late season surge with 3 out of 4 chase races 300 points or better. Reader Bulldog Motorsports finished 2nd with 320 points. 3rd was Monster e Racing with 316 points.
   With 6 races to go LeeRacer widened his lead with a great showing at Kansas ans now has a 104 poit lead over Bigshow's Machines. Jesus Motorsports has a outside shot at winning the championship, he's 133 points back. Dirt Rat Racing 13 (-164) , ShinySideUp (-220) and Jack Wagon (-266) All have a shot but it is very unlikely.
   Next race is Charlotte so buckle up boys and girls. Lets go racing four wide in the corner!


1 LeeRacer 8,282


3 Jesus Motorsports 8,149 

4 Dirt Rat Racing 13 8,118 


6 Jack Wagon 8,016

7 john66 7,968

8 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 7,950 

9 monster e racing 7,922 


Tuesday, September 17, 2013



 This weeks story was the rain, then the exploding engines. Not sure if one had anything to do with the other. But cooling off the motors after 150 laps of wide out racing, then abusing them again, is never good. Anyways....My pole sitting driver Logano blew his engine and it's why i finished in the basement this week.
  This weeks winner was the Albama Titans with 357 points. It was his 2nd win of the season , maybe with a strong run he can crack the top 10 by years end. Second place was Lee Racer with 340 points and widened his 1st place overall lead. RED 2-1 finished 3rd with 313 points but is back in the overall standings with the Alabama Titans.
  Overall LeeRacer still leads with Jesus Motorsports 47 points behind. In 3rd Bigshow's Machines are 52 back and ShinySideUp is fading fast 155 points back. Finally 5th place Dirt Rat Racing(166 back) and Jack Wagon (171) back have a outside chance of winning the Championship.


1 LeeRacer 7,392 

2 Jesus Motorsports 7,345



5 Dirt Rat Racing 13 7,226 

6 Jack Wagon 7,221 

7 john66 7,107

8 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 7,086 

9 monster e racing 7,011 

10 SICK PUPS 6,976 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013



  What a great Saturday Night Race at Richmond. Long green flag runs with a little controversy at the end. Did Boyer spin out on purpose?? But it was clear that Vickers pitted to get Truex in the chase. To me it wasn't against the rules to keep Vickers from pitting to help his teammate out. But NASCAR saw it different, They penalized all the MWR cars and Truex finds himself out of the race. The Spin by Bowyer can't be proved and really is Chickenshit if it was on purpose. But thats what we get with these Mega Teams. They can minipulate the standings and the outcome of races.
  Back to the race , Cousin Carl was the lucky recipient of the shinanigans and won the race. In the Four Wide League the winner was Lew's Junk Yard Dogs with 315 points. Readers Bulldogs Motorsports had another strong finish and was second with 310 points.LeeRacer finished 3rd with 306 points and is making a push to regain the overall lead.
   The Seg-2 race is over and my team the ShinySideUp's Won the darn thing . This good showing in the summer segment got me back into contention in the overall standings.
   The run for the overall trophy is lead by Jesus Motorsport but Realisticly there is 7 teams that could win it all this year .Jesus Motorsports, LeeRacer and Bigshow's Machine are the favorites to win the league this year. Shinysideup and Jack Wagon have a good shot but will need the 3 front runners to crumble. Dirt Rat Racing and john66 are longshots and will need some divine intervention to win the Trophy.
   Next week it's back to Chicago . Good Luck!!


1 Jesus Motorsports 7,095 

2 LeeRacer 7,052 (+1)

3 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 7,032 (-1) 

4 SHINYSIDEUP 6,986 (+2) 

5 Jack Wagon 6,967 (-1)

6 Dirt Rat Racing 13 6,922 (-1) 

7 john66 6,871

8 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 6,792 (+1) 

9 Flying Dutchman Racing 6,726 (+1) 

10 monster e racing 6,721 (+1)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013



  That was a great race. Both on the track and in Fantasy points. Kyle Busch pulled it out after many of the early front runners ran into trouble. No...i didn't have Kyle on my starting lineup but I did have Joey Logano. I feel bad for those that started Boyer. He was using an experimental engine from Toyota. And while it didn't hurt his standings for the chase . It did hurt fantasy owners....alot.
  This weeks fantasy winner was a tie. Both Semper Pirates and Reader Bulldogs Motorsports finished with 326 points. Third place was my team, ShinySideUp, with 323 points. This kept me atop the run for the SEG-2 trophy. And with one race to go I widened the lead over Dirt Rat Racing 13. He is 71 points back and is really the only one who has a good chance in overtaking my team for the SEG-2.
  The overall race is still lead by Jesus Motorsports with 6,823 points. The only change in the top ten was Reader Bulldogs Motorsports move into the 9th place slot.


1Jesus Motorsports6,823
3Jack Wagon6,749
5Dirt Rat Racing 136,709
8Kannapolis Intimidators6,489
9Reader Bulldogs Motorsports6,482(+3)
10Flying Dutchman Racing6,474

Tuesday, August 27, 2013



   Short track Racing is....well....Short track racing. Many of the favorites finished well below expectations. And our scores showed it with all but one finishing below 300. And that was this weeks winner Wild Texans. The Wild Texans scored 307 points and it was his first win of the year..congrats! In the race for the Seg-2 trophy ,ShinySideUp is still in the lead and the gap between 2nd place Dirt Rat Racing 13 is still 69 points. 3rd place Bumpin Uglies gaine 50 points and sits 100 points back.
   The overall race still has Jesus Motorsports still leads with 6,532 points and Jack Wagon moved into second 40 points back. 3rd place LeeRacer continues to fade and is 45 back. BIGSHOW'S MACHINE dropped to 4th place but is still in contention 52 points behind the leader.


1 Jesus Motorsports 6,523 

2 Jack Wagon 6,483 (+2) 

3 LeeRacer 6,478

4 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 6,471 (-2) 

5 Dirt Rat Racing 13 6,398 


7 john66 6,330

8 monster e racing 6,207 (+1)

9 Kannapolis Intimidators 6,201 (+2) 

10 Flying Dutchman Racing 6,184 (-2)

Monday, August 19, 2013



   When My picks finished 2nd(Harvick) , 3rd(Kurt Busch), 9th(Biffle and 21st(Bayne) . I thought my team would widen the gap on the Seg-2 standings. But Dirt Rat Racing 13 had a better day and closed the gap to 59 points with 3 races to go. BIGSHOW's MACHINES is 74 points back and the rest are over 100 points back. It looks like a three team race for the Seg-2 Trophy but who knows? Anything can happen on the track and the next race at Bristol will make you or break you.
   The Race at Michigan was good to most of us with Sick Pups winning this weeks race with 368 points. It was his first win this season but Sick Pups will need several wins to make the top ten before the playoffs. Da Gangsters finished in 2nd with 367 points and Dirt Rat Racing 13 finished 3rd with 363 points.
    We have a new leader in the overall standings folks! Jesus Motorsports jumped into the overall lead after LeeRacer faltered. Jesus Motorsports had their 4th consecutive 300+ finish and is now in the lead with 2,292 points. BIGSHOW's MACHINE is now in 2nd place 16 points back and the before mentioned LeeRacer is now in 3rd place, 35 back. Jack Wagon makes it 4 wide 39 points behind the leader.


1 Jesus Motorsports 6,292 (+1) 

2 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 6,276 (+1) 

3 LeeRacer 6,257 (-2) 

4 Jack Wagon 6,253

5 Dirt Rat Racing 13 6,154 (+2) 


7 john66 6,082 (-2)

8 Flying Dutchman Racing 5,996 (+1) 

9 monster e racing 5,986 (-1) 

10 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 5,984 (+1)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Kyle Busch Finally gets Lucky at the Glen

  It was a no-brainer,I thought, to start Ambrose this week. But for some unexplained reason I didn't start Kyle Busch. Kyle was due to get the upper hand on his battle with Ambrose at the Glen. And the gods smiled on him sunday. Brad Keselowski could have spun him out several times on the last lap, but Bad Brad drove conservative and finished second. I'm sure he would not have gotten the same treatment from Busch. Ambrose on the other hand had the bad luck when his dominate car broke something in the rear suspension and caused a couple of wrecks near the end. The last bender put him out of the race. And his quest to win 3 straight at the glen ended with a tore up race car.
  In the Four Wide League it was a good week for half of the players. 14 of the 27 members finshed with 298 points or better. LeeRacer became the first 3 time winner with 321 points and second was Exit 67 with 316. Jesus Motorsports and MulderRacing tied for third with 313 points.
  With 4 races left in Seg-2 , My ShinySideUp team is in the lead but BIGSHOW'S MACHINES are only 60 points back in second. Colt Lightning is 65 back in third with LeeRacer 72 back in fourth.
   The Overall race is Four Wide with LeeRacer in the lead and Jesus Motorsports closing the gap. BIGSHOW'S MACHINES and Jack Wagon are not far back and have a good shot at catching the leader.
   Next week we go back to the Irish Hills of Michigan. Good Luck Racers!


1 LeeRacer 6,000 

2 Jesus Motorsports 5,981 


4 Jack Wagon 5,942 

5 john66 5,839


7 Dirt Rat Racing 13 5,791

8 Flying Dutchman Racing 5,714 (+2) 

9 monster e racing 5,698

10 MulderRacing 5,695 (+1)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Kahne Wins at Pocono

  I basically ran with the same bunch that I started at Indy. If it wasn't for a blown tire on Jimmy Johnsons Chevy, It would have been another great day. Still 288 points was a decent showing. The big Winner this week was the Alabama Titans with a score of 317 points. He started Stewart, Logono, Newman and Ragan. 3 of them finished in the top 10 with Ragan finishing in 21st. Add 30 points in laps led bonuses, and this is why the Alabama Titans got their first win of the season. Second place was MulderRacing with 306 points and monster e racing finished 3rd with 304 points.
  My Shinysideup racing team still leads in the Seg-2 standings with BIGSHOW'S MACHINES moving into second and Colt Lightning dropped to third. In the overall race, LeeRacer holds the lead with Jesus Motorsports 11 points behind in 2nd. BIGSHOW'S MACHINES are 30 points behind in 3rd and Jack Wagon sits in 4th , 44 points back. Finally, john66 moved into 5th place overall but is 84 points back.
  Next race is watkins Glen so get your Road Course ringers set . Good Luck Racers!


1 LeeRacer 5,679

2 Jesus Motorsports 5,668


4 Jack Wagon 5,635 (-1)

5 john66 5,531 (+1)

6 SHINYSIDEUP 5,495 (+1) 

7 Dirt Rat Racing 13 5,484 (+1)

8 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 5,459 (-3) 

9 monster e racing 5,449

10 Flying Dutchman Racing 5,407

Tuesday, July 30, 2013



It was a good day at Indy for my race team with 351 points. BUPIN UGLIES also scored 351 points and we tied for the highest score. Semper Pirates finished 3rd with 326 points. My SHINYSIDEUP team jumped back into 1st for the SEG-2 trophy but Colt Lightning is only 26 points back in 2nd and BIGSHOWS'S MACHINES are 72 back in 3rd. The SEG-2 title is still up for grabs with the top ten within 110 points.
  In the overall race LeeRacer is still in the lead with 5,399 and Jesus Motorsports moved up to 2nd 34 points behind. In 3rd place ,43points behind is Jack Wagon and BIGSHOW'S MACHINES dropped two spots to 4th.
  Next week we go back to POCONO. And usually people who were strong at indy are strong at POCONO.Good Luck Racers!


1 LeeRacer 5,399

2 Jesus Motorsports 5,365 (+1)

3 Jack Wagon 5,356 (+1)

4 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 5,346 (-2) 

5 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 5,236 

6 john66 5,228

7 SHINYSIDEUP 5,207 (+1) 

8 Dirt Rat Racing 13 5,181 (-1) 

9 monster e racing 5,145

10 Flying Dutchman Racing 5,124

Tuesday, July 16, 2013



  My picks were doing great until 90 laps to go....then then my season of woe continued. Kurt Busch owned the field and led the most laps. All of a sudden he tried one of his aggresive moves and Kenseth didn't give him a break. Into the Wall he went and that was my downfall. Joey logano was another fav and he went down early with a tire blowing, wall smacking incident. It was good to see Vickers back in the winners circle driving the MWR 55. That team is amazing with 3 different drivers this year. It looks like this win will give Vickers a full time ride next year.
  Red 2-1 got his first win of the season with 319 points ,and he was the only one to finish above 300. Exit 67 finished 2nd with 292 points and Jack Wagon was 3rd with 291. Colt Lightning took over the Seg-2 lead with HOT-FOOT dropped to 2nd. BIGSHOWS MACHINE moved into the top 5 and now sits 3rd.
   In the overall race , LeeRacer is still in the lead but BIGSHOW'S MACHINE moved within 10 points and sits in 2nd. Jesus Motorsports dropped to 3rd but is only 19 points behind the overall leader. Jack Wagon makes it four wide for the lead and is only 33 points out.
   We have a week off to re-group and the next race at Indy will be crucial for some teams to stay relevent. There are 17 races left in the season and only 7 left before the playoffs. See ya in 2 weeks racefans.


1 LeeRacer 5,080 

2 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 5,070 (+1) 

3 Jesus Motorsports 5,061 (-1) 

4 Jack Wagon 5,047 

5 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 4,936 

6 john66 4,928 (+1) 

7 Dirt Rat Racing 13 4,902 (-1) 


9 Flying Dutchman Racing 4,844 (+1)

10 monster e racing 4,842 (+1)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


  Someone shoot me if I ever start Truex again. Geez...he really hurt me and some other players last week when he lost it and crashed.
  Colt Lighting won last week with 356 points and it was his first win of this season. Lew's Junk Yard Dogs finished second with 338 points and wild texans finished 3rd with 326 points.
  I'm on vacation so this is it!. now back to the beach. We'll see ya next week after the New Hampshire race.


1 LeeRacer 4,829

2 Jesus Motorsports 4,798 


4 Jack Wagon 4,756 

5 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 4,721 (+4)

6 Dirt Rat Racing 13 4,690 

7 john66 4,674

8 SHINYSIDEUP 4,639 (-3) 

9 HOT--FOOT 4,616 (+5)

10 Flying Dutchman Racing 4,614 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Lets Go Racing 4 or5 or 6 wide in the Corner

The Worm has turned on my season. Thankfully I didn't start Biffle or Kesolowski who crashed early in the race. But for those that did, at least they got back on the track to pick up 7-8 positions. Matt Kenseth snookered Jimmy Johnson on a re-start to win the race. Luckily Jimmy kept it off the wall and everyone missed him. But the craziest thing in the race was Hamlins tire tread flinging across the track and hit Little E and Johnsons car. That bent the splitter on Little E's chevy and he wasn't very fast after that.
   This weeks winner was.............ME!  My SHINYSIDEUP team won with 326 points. It was my first win of the year and it stretched my Seg-2 lead to 30 points. Second was Flying Dutchman Racing with 312 points and he also is second in the Seg-2 standings.3rd place was Dirt Rat Racing 13 with 303 points and he is 3rd in the Seg-3 standings.
   The overall standings are the same as last week with LeeRacer in the lead.  18 points behind in 2nd is Jesus Motorsports. 3rd is BIGSHOW'S MACHINE  and 4th is Jack Wagon. Dirt Rat Racing moved into 5th, 64 points behind the leader.


1 LeeRacer 4,618 

2 Jesus Motorsports 4,601


4 Jack Wagon 4,572 

5 Dirt Rat Racing 13 4,452 (+3) 

6 SHINYSIDEUP 4,448 (+3) 

7 john66 4,441 (-1) 

8 Kannapolis Intimidators 4,436 (-1) 

9 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 4,431 (-4) 

10 Flying Dutchman Racing 4,409 (+3)



2 Flying Dutchman Racing 1,149 

3 Dirt Rat Racing 13 1,108  (+2)


5 HOT--FOOT 1,083  (+4) 

6 LeeRacer 1,082  (-3) 

7 Jesus Motorsports 1,050  (+3)

8 Da Gangsters 1,050 

9 BUMPIN UGLIES 1,050  (+3) 

10 Jack Wagon 1,044  (+6)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013



I hate road racing....especially in Northern California Wine Country. I was watching the race eating a Cheeseburger and swilling a Bud. They kept showing pictures of people eating Cheese Pate' and sipping Chardonay. Just a culture difference I suppose. It was good to see Truex get of the snide and win his first race in......FOREVER!!! Overall it was a pretty clean race with not many DNF's among the favorites. So how you finished had nothing to do with Luck.
  This week Da Gangsters got his first win of the year with 345 points, which moved him up 6 spots in the overall standings.  It was a tie for second with 329 points between Flying Dutchman Racing and monster e racing. This moved them both within striking distance of the overall top ten.
  The Segment 2 race has my team (SHINYSIDEUP) in first place. With the Flying Dutchman Racing moving up 8 positions to capture 2nd. LeeRacer continues his strong run with 3rd place in the Seg-2 standings.
   The Overall race the top 5 stayed the same with LeeRacer in the lead and Jesus Motorsports 25 points behind in second. Jack Wagon in 3rd and BIGSHOW'S MACHINES  in 4th, are the only other teams within 100 points of the overall lead.
   It's a Saturday race in Kentucky so get your lineups in on time. GL everyone.


1 LeeRacer 4,350 

2 Jesus Motorsports 4,325

3 Jack Wagon 4,277 


5 Kannapolis Intimidators 4,192 

6 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 4,191 (+1) 

7 john66 4,183 (-1)

8 Dirt Rat Racing 13 4,149 (+2) 

9 SHINYSIDEUP 4,122 (+2) 

10 MulderRacing 4,121 (-1)


1 SHINYSIDEUP 853 4,122 (+1) 

2 Flying Dutchman Racing 837 4,097 (+8)

3 LeeRacer 814 4,350 

4 MulderRacing 806 4,121 (+1) 

5 Dirt Rat Racing 13 805 4,149 (+8) 

6 Da Gangsters 797 4,042 (+16) 

7 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 796 4,276 (-1) 

8 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 783 4,191 (+3) 

9 HOT--FOOT 782 4,003 (-5)

10 Jesus Motorsports 774 4,325 (-3)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013



Pure Michigan !! Pure hell for Hendricks drivers. If you picked any 4 of the Hendricks drivers, let me say I'm sorry. I feel bad for you all . Jimmy,Junior,Kahne and Gordon all had strong cars but for various reasons they couldn't finsih well. I had a tad bad luck by starting Kurt Busch. He got up in the marbles and spun, putting him down 5 laps. After repairs and really never made up the lost ground and finished in the mid 30's.
  But on the other hand it was nice seeing the Roush Bunch running well. The Bif won the race and may be tough the rest of the season. Tony Stewart also looked racey and should be a favorite at the road couse next week.
   We had a first time winner last week when Hot--Foot scored 321 points...Welcome to the show Hot Foot. Second place was Wild Texans with 309 points ...He woke up!! LOL. 3rd was Rat Rods with 302 points and this was his 2nd top five finish. The race for the Segment 2 trophy is still bunched at the top with Kannapolis Intimidators at the top. But there a a dozen other players right on his heals.
   In the Overall race, LeeRacer moved back into first place and Jesus Motorsports lost the top spot but sits in 2nd. Jack Wagon is in 3rd with  BigShow's Machine 4th and Kannapolis Intimidators 5th.


1 LeeRacer 4,088 (+1) 

2 Jesus Motorsports 4,069 (-1)

3 Jack Wagon 4,011 


5 Kannapolis Intimidators 3,990 

6 john66 3,934 (+1)

7 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 3,914 (-1) 

8 Rat Rods 3,890 (+4)

9 MulderRacing 3,861 (+1) 

10 Dirt Rat Racing 13 3,846 (-1)


1 Kannapolis Intimidators 559

2 SHINYSIDEUP 553  (+4) 

3 LeeRacer 552  (+6) 

4 HOT--FOOT 549  (+14)

5 MulderRacing 546  (+3)


7 Jesus Motorsports 518  (-3) 

8 john66 513  (+6) 

9 Flying Dutchman Racing 508  (+7)

10 RED 2-1    507  (+5)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


JJ dominates

Ah the slates are clean for the start of segment 2, and the Race at Pocono was fairly clean with long Green Flag runs. Jimmy Johnson was the car to beat and he won the race in dominating fashion. His team mate Kasey Khane was not as lucky and went behind the wall for 20 laps early on. This was bad for some of you, luckily not for me.I thought Cuzzin Carl Edwards would have a better race but bad pit strategy doomed his finish.
  This weeks 4 Wide winner was Reader Bulldogs Motorsports with 302 points, making it 2 wins in a row. 2nd was Kannapolis Intimidators with 298 points and SICK PUPS finished 3rd with 292 points.
  Overall, Jesus Motorsports are still atop the standings after a 4th place finish this week. LeeRacer and Jack Wagon round out the top three overall. Next week we are off to Michigan ,Good Luck.


1 Jesus Motorsports 3,839 

2 LeeRacer 3,808 

3 Jack Wagon 3,784 


5 Kannapolis Intimidators 3,729

6 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 3,710 (+1) 

7 john66 3,661 (-1) 

8 SICK PUPS 3,615 (+3) 

9 Dirt Rat Racing 13 3,598 (+1) 

10 monster e racing 3,588 (-1)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013



I thought my luck had turned after 2 drivers, who were not my picks, (Kenseth,Truex) Blew engines. Then the bad luck hit me ....Jamie McMurray Popped a radiator and Denny Hamlin hit the wall after blowing a right front tire. NNNooooooooo!! This has been a painfull first segment, and I for one, am glad it's over. But Congrats to Tony "Smoked Sausage" Stewart for his victory at Dover.
   From the look at last weeks scores many of you suffered at the hands of the racing gods. With only one driver finishing above 300 and 11 of us under 200, it's easy to say the Monster Mile lived up to it's name. Last weeks winner was Reader Bulldogs Motorsports with 329 points and it moved him into the top ten in points.The wild texans woke up with 298 points, good for 2nd place. Bigshow's Machine finished 3rd with 291 points and finished segment 1 in the top five.
   Overall, Jesus Motorsports had a bad day but LeeRacer had a worse one. Must have been some devine intervention because Jesus Motorsports had a improbable late season charge to win Segment 1. That trophy will look nice in his case! LeeRacer finished second overall, Jack wagon 3rd, Bigshows's Machine 4th and Kannapolis Intimidators finished 5th.
   O K people we wipe the slates clean and move onto Segment 2 next week with a Party at the Poconos. I, for one, am glad to start over but I still have alot of ground to make up for the overall lead. But Pocono with it's 3 different turns and a long straightway can be ideal to make up ground. The Gen-6 car has been good at most of the tracks but the hardest thing about picking the drivers is: The new qualifying format this season. Now it's a random draw where in the past it was who was fastest in practice. Also there have been several races when we set our line-ups before any practice sessions are run. So it's been a shot in the dark when making picks this year and alot of luck. You will need some good fortune when going 4 Wide In The Corner!!


1 Jesus Motorsports 3,551  (+1) 

2 LeeRacer 3,536  (-1) 

3 Jack Wagon 3,528 

4 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 3,480  (+3) 

5 Kannapolis Intimidators 3,431  (-1) 

6 john66 3,421  (+2) 

7 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 3,408  (+4) 

8 Rat Rods 3,402  (-2) 

9 monster e racing 3,368  (-4) 

10 Dirt Rat Racing 13 3,344  (-1) 

11 SICK PUPS 3,323  (+1) 

12 MulderRacing 3,315  (-2) 

13 SKULL & BONES 3,303  (+3) 

14 Semper Pirates 3,280 (+1)

15 SHINYSIDEUP 3,269  (-2) 

16 Lew's Junk Yard Dogs 3,266  (+2) 

17 Flying Dutchman Racing 3,260  (-3) 

18 Da Gangsters 3,245  (-1) 

19 HOT--FOOT 3,221  (+1)

20 Exit 67 3,216  (-1) 

21 RED 2-1   3,130 

22 wild texans 3,093  (+3) 

23 Speed Racer 3,081  (+1) 

24 BUMPIN UGLIES 3,074  (-1)

25 DirtPrincess00 3,043  (-3) 

26 Colt Lightning 2,944  (+1)

27 Alabama Titans 2,892  (-1)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013



WTF!!!! Last year I could do all wrong....This Year EGADS!. I guess I was in for a statistical correction. When my B-driver Dale Jr blew an Motor it was bad luck. But what made it worse....My other B-Driver was Biffle and he was right behind JR when it "Blowed Up". The oil the 88 put down sent the Biffler in the wall and that my friends "Blowed up my Weeks picks. Ah..... but from this weeks low scores, many had bad luck.Perhaps the Fox Sports Cable got ya......another WTF?? Really Fox?? You let your Camera Cable fall down on the track and fans. I feel bad for the Fans who were injured by the cable getting snapped on them when the Cars hit it.And yes some of your picks were harmed by the Bad..bad luck. Finally, A shout out to Ricky Stenhouse, Way to go bud. Wrecking your girlfriend may get ya a few nights in the doghouse ...but the make-up Sex will be well worth it!
   Last weeks top score goes to MulderRacing with 337 points. It was the only score above 300 this week so he jumped from 19th place to 10th.....Nice!! Jesus Motorsports closed the gap on the overall leader (LeeRacer) with 299 points this week. john66 had the 3rd best score with 294 points and moved up 2 notches to 8th place.
   With 1 more race to go it will come down to LeeRacer , Jesus Motorsports and Jack Wagon for the Segment 1 Trophy. But the Monster Mile can make you a hero or a zero real quick. Good Luck Guys and Gals, see ya next week On the 4 Wide In The Corner Blog.


1 LeeRacer   3,380 

2 Jesus Motorsports 3,353  (+1) 

3 Jack Wagon 3,341  (-1) 

4 Kannapolis Intimidators 3,281 

5 monster e racing 3,212 

6 Rat Rods 3,193


8 john66 3,148  (+2) 

9 Dirt Rat Racing 13 3,117  (-1) 

10 MulderRacing 3,098  (+9)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 The Lady in Black was tough and a few drivers got caught up in wrecks. Most notably was Kasey Kahne who again was spun by Kyle Busch. Not sure if Kyle actually touched him this time or took the air off the spoiler, but Kahne went around and hit the wall. With long green flag runs this race came down to whos car was the fastest and Kenseths JGR Toyota was the quickest at the end.
   This weeks 4 Wide winner was Jack Wagon with 316 points and Reader Bulldog Motorsports had another strong finish with 307 points. Monster e racing bounced back to finish 3rd with 303 points. The afore mentioned trio were the only players to finish above the magic 300 points mark.
   Overall in the points, Jack Wagon closed within 40 points of our overall leader LeeRacer. Jesus Motorsports is 58 back with 2 races left for the Segment 1 Trophy. The three are really the only players  who have a legitament shot at the Trophy. Looks like its down to 3 wide in the corner with 2 laps to go...


1 LeeRacer  3,112 

2 Jack Wagon 3,072  (+1) 

3 Jesus Motorsports 3,054  (-1) 

4 Kannapolis Intimidators 2,998 

5 monster e racing 2,997  (+1) 

6 Rat Rods 2,988  (-1)

7 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 2,920  (+1) 

8 Dirt Rat Racing 13 2,910  (+2) 


10 john66 2,854  (+3)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



Front Row Motorsports finshed 1,2. Thats not a misprint people, The little team won the Arons 499 in the twilight of Alabama. David Ragan got a late push from David Gilliland and both crossed the finish line 1st and 2nd. It's a great thing for NASCAR and the fans...but not so much for Fantasy Players ,unless you were really reaching this week.
  Back in 4 Wide the winner this week was Lews' Junk Yard Dogs with 322 points. He jumped up 5 positions in the overall points to 12th place. 2nd place was BIGSHOW'S MACHINE with 310 points. HAYES MOTORSPORTS and Exit 67 tied for 3rd with 306 points.
  Overall, LeeRacer Increased his lead a little over them that was on his bumper. With 3 races to go in the 1st Segment it may before Four Wide around the final turn. Next week we will be in Darlington on Saturday. Can anyone really tame the Lady in Black?


1 LeeRacer   2,835 

2 Jesus Motorsports 2,767  (+1) 

3 Jack Wagon 2,756  (-1) 

4 Kannapolis Intimidators 2,742

5 Rat Rods   2,719 

6 monster e racing 2,694  (+1) 

7 SKULL & BONES 2,685  (+1) 

8 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 2,670 (+3) 

9 SHINYSIDEUP 2,630  (+5) 

10 Dirt Rat Racing 13 2,619  (-4)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


UGGGHHH!! The Humanity. My picks crashed and burned with only my C-pick finishing in the top 20. 129 points.........worst finish for me in several years. Enough about my ineptitude. Richmond short track racing was back and forth paint trading racing. These Gen-6 cars have plenty of down force for banging and racing. Good for the fans and it will ruffle the feathers of many a driver.
   Last weeks winner was DirtPrincess00 with 332 points and moved her up into the top 20. The Flying Dutchman Racing finished second with 311 points and that moved him into the top 10. 3rd was Lew's Junk Yard Dog with an even 300 points and also moved into the top 20.
   The biggest story of this week is the race for the Segment 1 Trophy has tightened up. The top 6 teams are within 80 points with 4 races to go and Jack Wagon is on LeeRacers bumper only 5 points behind for the overall lead. Next week is a Sunday race in beautiful Talladega Alabama. Tighten your belts we could have a Four Wide race for the finish!!


1 LeeRacer   2,579 

2 Jack Wagon 2,574  (+2) 

3 Jesus Motorsports 2,531  (+2) 

4 Kannapolis Intimidators 2,522  (-2) 

5 Rat Rods 2,505  (+1) 

6 Dirt Rat Racing 13 2,499  (-3) 

7 monster e racing 2,462  (+2) 

8 SKULL & BONES 2,417 

9 Flying Dutchman Racing 2,387  (+5) 

10 john66 2,361  (+1)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


   Man I just can't get a break. Kyle Busch kept spinning out and was rammed by Logano early in the race. No fault of Logano, Kyle slid down the track and Joey had no place to go. Then with 50 some laps left some of my picks pitted and the yellow flag flew just after they came back on the track. this left many contenders in the back of the pack with no time to get up front. Many of us were bit by the bad luck of the yellow from hell.
   One Four Wide racer had a fantastic day with 370 points.....NICE! That would be the Famous Jack Wagon. He left everyone in his tire smoke with the highest score so far. His closest competetor of this race was Dirt Rat Racing 13 with 309 points. Coming in 3rd was Kannapolis Intimidators with 306 points .Must be the Ghost of Dale Earnhardt riding shotgun Because Kannapolis Intimidators closed the gap in the overall lead to a managable 31 points. With 5 races left in segment 1 this could be a side by side finish for the SEG 1 Trophy.
   Next race is a Saturday night race in Richmond. Short Track racing ............Gotta love it! Someone wake up the wild texans!

1 LeeRacer     2,333 

2 Kannapolis Intimidators 2,302

3 Dirt Rat Racing 13 2,296

4 Jack Wagon 2,279 (+6) 

5 Jesus Motorsports 2,265 

6 Rat Rods 2,236  (+5) 

7 SHINYSIDEUP 2,211 (+2) 

8 SKULL & BONES 2,193  (-4) 

9 Semper Pirates 2,182  (-3) 

10 monster e racing 2,178  (-3)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013



The Texas race is known for long green flag runs,and this race was no different.Many of you had Stenhouse or Dillon as your C-Pick, I did. And this hurt my points total but it wasn't a crushing blow. Polesetter Kyle Busch had the car to beat but Truex was also strong.
  In the Four Wide Racing league MulderRacing had the top score with 324 points. John66 finished second with 304 points and third was the Semper Pirates with 300 points. LeeRacing still leads overall with 2,091 points and with only 6 races left in segment 1. Time is running out on the field to catch him.See ya in Kansas where theres no place like home!

1 LeeRacer    2,091

2 Kannapolis Intimidators 1,996  (+1) 

3 Dirt Rat Racing 13 1,987  (-1)

4 SKULL & BONES 1,984 

5 Jesus Motorsports 1,954

6 Semper Pirates 1,949  (+1) 

7 monster e racing 1,940 (+2) 

8 john66 1,928  (+2) 

9 SHINYSIDEUP 1,919  (+3) 

10 Rat Rods 1,914  (-4)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


  Everyones attention was focused on Joey " Blocking" Logano and Tony "Smoked Sausage" Stewart. And anything goes on the Martinsville Paperclip. Both behaved themselves but others had a tough day. You can always tell how well your drivers are doing by the dents in the sheet metal. If the dents are on the outside of the car ,your in the groove. If they are on the inside, your in the way. Jimmy Johnson was in the groove and won himself a nice Franklin Clock.
  Speaking of In the groove. LeeRacer is smoking the field right now,he stretched his lead on the second place Dirt Rat Racing to 90 points. LeeRacer tied for the top score this week with 333 points and that makes 4 out of 6 races above the magic 300 mark. Monster e racing also had 333 points and moved into the overall top ten. Da Gangsters also had a great day with 332 points and moved up 4 positions into 14th.
  Remeber that the next race at Texas will be run on Saturday so dont forget to get your lineups set. Good Luck Boys and Girls!

1 LeeRacer 1,831 

2 Dirt Rat Racing 13 1,741 

3 Kannapolis Intimidators 1,722

4 SKULL & BONES 1,692 

5 Jesus Motorsports 1,690  (+2)

6 Rat Rods 1,668  (+2) 

7 Semper Pirates 1,649  (-2) 

8 Flying Dutchman Racing 1,647  (-2) 

9 monster e racing 1,644  (+4) 

10 john66 1,624  (-1)

Monday, March 25, 2013


 Man them boys and girl were racey. There was multiple lines of racing, some guys were riding the wall, while others were dipping below the white line. It came down to a last lap shootout between Logano McCoy and Hamlin Hatfield. When the to fueding drivers took them selves out...well...there was K Busch, johnny on the spot for the win.
  This weeks points winner in 4 Wide Racing was Skull and Bones with 346. It is his second win of the short season and it put him into 4th place overall. 20 out of 27 players finished with 290 points or better this week
 so the field is looking strong. We take a week off for Easter then its off to Martinsville. Happy Easter everyone.


1 LeeRacer    1,498 

2 Kannapolis Intimidators 1,439  (+1) 

3 Dirt Rat Racing 13 1,438  (-1) 

4 SKULL & BONES 1,428 (+1) 

5 Semper Pirates 1,419  (+1) 

6 Flying Dutchman Racing 1,402  (+1) 

7 Jesus Motorsports 1,392  (-3) 

8 Rat Rods 1,370 (+1)

9 john66 1,365 (-1)

10 Jack Wagon 1,349 (+1)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013



When Jeff Gordon blew and collected Kenseth.....well..... alot of you were groaning. But not me. After 3 disaterous races all 4 of my guys were on the lead lap with 100 to go. It was a good day for shinysideup racing but the winner of this week was the Flying Dutchman Racing. He scored 352 points, tying Leeracer for the highest score this year. We also had a 3-way tie for second with Leeracer, Kanapolis Intimidators and Bigshow"s Machines putting up 347 points apiece. Next week we go back out west to Fontana were the babes will be looking suntanned and the cars will be fast. Good luck next week 4 wide racers!


1 LeeRacer 1,157 (0)

2 Dirt Rat Racing 13 1,116  (+1) 

3 Kannapolis Intimidators 1,098  (+1) 

4 Jesus Motorsports 1,087  (+2)

5 Semper Pirates 1,084 (+2) 

6 SKULL & BONES 1,082  (-4) 

7 Flying Dutchman Racing 1,070  (+3) 

8 john66 1,050  (+5) 

9 Rat Rods 1,041  (-1) 

10 MulderRacing 1,040  (+4)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013



Yep this year is wide open. After qualifying and early practices were rained out. The guys and gal had to adjust their cars on the fly. When the checkered flag waved it was Matt Kenseth crossing with the win. Because there were no bonus points awarded for qualifying this week. Scores were mostly around 300 or less. But Dirt Rat Racing 13 won this week with a score of 322.....not to shabby Bryon. He picked the winner Kenseth then backed it up with his B-selections of  4th place Kyle Busch and 5th place Edwards. Semper Pirates and Jack Wagon weren't far behind as they scored 316 points ......Nice!
   Overall LeeRacer is still in 1st ,Skull & Bones are 24 behind in 2nd and Dirt Rat Racing 13 vaulted to 3rd, 32 points back. On to the short track of Bristol were there will be some banging and cursing. GL next week people!


1 LeeRacer 810 

2 SKULL & BONES 786 (+2)

3 Dirt Rat Racing 13 778  (+6) 

4 BUMPIN UGLIES 756  (-2)

5 Jesus Motorsports 755  (+5)

6 Semper Pirates 752  (+8) 

7 Kannapolis Intimidators 751 (+4)

8 Speed Racer 743 (-5) 

9 Rat Rods 742  (-1)

10 wild texans 727  (-5)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013



 SUPRISE!!! Cuzzin Carl is back! I didn't see this coming with the Toyotas and Chevys dominating the practice sessions. But half adozen of you did foresee Carl Edwards winning. Including this weeks winner -LeeRacer, who scored 354 points to take the lead in 4 wide racing.Kudos to Bumpin Uglies,MulderRacing,Kannapolis Intimidators and Lews Junk Yard Dogs for rounding out this weeks top 5. On to VEGAS baby, where luck be a Lady?????


1 LeeRacer 540 


3 Speed Racer 495 


5 wild texans 493 

6 DirtPrincess00 471

7 MulderRacing 468 

8 Rat Rods 466 466

9 Dirt Rat Racing 13 456

10 Jesus Motorsports 455

Monday, February 25, 2013

Daytona was a rough start for most


I kept shaking my head after Harvick was taken out at lap 33.And Kyle Busch blew his engine with 50 to go. Bad start for my fantasy team. This weeks top finisher was Skull and Bones, even though he also lost Harvick. But unlike myself, he had Biffle and Little E In the B-slots. We both rolled the dice with Danica who was my top finisher. The wild texans and DirtPrincess finished 2nd and 3rd duly to picking Jimmy Johnson in the A-slot.Nice call!
  You can always get away with one of your starters finishing in the basement (30-43). But when two go down it usually is a bad day at the Fantasy Track.And many of us had 2 or more finish in the basement. Next week we bottom feeders will have another crack at breaking the top ten in 4 wide. Good Luck in Phoenix everyone and congrats Skull and Bones on your win.


1 SKULL and BONES 262

2 wild texans 252

3 DirtPrincess00 242

4 Speed Racer 242

5 Jesus Motorsports 208

6 Alabama Titans 206

7 john66 192

8 Da Gangsters 190

9 LeeRacer 188

10 Rat Rods 184

Saturday, February 23, 2013


  I will not give anyone advice before the races this year. Mainly I want to win this league and want to keep my Fantasy Strategy close to the vest. I will be commenting after the race on how well some of you do. As I've said before, most of us are tried and true fantasy racing enthusiasts. So this should be a very competative 1st season in the 4 wide league.Good Luck tomorrow, and it will take some.  I predict a big crash or two or three.See ya after the race.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


  It didn't take very long! Practice #1 got off to a paint scraping metal bashing start. Expect more of the same in the 125's and 500. With a new lighter car the boys and girl are feeling mighty racey. And at this track it takes a little mistake to send several cars to the garage. Think about tailoring your picks with guys who can keep there noses clean.Just sayin!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The New Twin 125's Qualifying Rules

Makes me miss my old Charger

O.K Kiddos It's one week from the 125's. By now we are starting to formulate our strategy for the first race. The new qualifying rules in this years Daytona 500 really isn't going to hurt us much in Yahoo Fantasy Racing. Because we can select our drivers right up until just before the green flag waves.But still, this info will help you understand how the starting lineup is formed. Below is a explination of how the the drivers will qualify for this years Daytona 500.

This year, things have changed -- dramatically. The Duels will now determine not only the starting positions of the first 32 cars but also who actually makes the race. Finish in the top 15 in your Duel, and you're in the Daytona 500 -- simple as that.

Positions 33-36 are filled by the four fastest cars from time trials that 1) aren't on the front row and 2) don't transfer from the Duels. Positions 37-42 go to the top six cars in owner points not otherwise qualified. The final spot goes to a past champion or a seventh provisional starter, as with the general procedure for all races.

If the new format multiplies the suspense of the Duels from a fan's standpoint, it also will lead to some white knuckles inside the race cars. A major wreck in one of the Duels, one that involves a number of top drivers, could create havoc with the starting field.

Below is a list of this years entry list.

Entry Veh. # Driver Sponsor Manufacturer

1 1 Jamie McMurray McDonald's Chevrolet

2 2 Brad Keselowski Miller Lite Ford Fusion

3 5 Kasey Kahne Farmers Insurance Chevrolet SS

4 7 Dave Blaney Florida Lottery Chevrolet SS

5 9 Marcos Ambrose Stanley Ford Fusion

6 10 Danica Patrick GoDaddy Chevrolet SS

7 11 Denny Hamlin FedEx Express Toyota Camry

8 13 Casey Mears GEICO Ford Fusion

9 14 Tony Stewart Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1Racing Chevrolet SS

10 15 Clint Bowyer 5 Hour Energy Toyota Camry

11 16 Greg Biffle 3M Ford Fusion

12 17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Best Buy Ford Fusion

13 18 Kyle Busch M&M's Toyota Camry

14 19 Mike Bliss G-Oil/Plinker Tactical Chevrolet SS

15 20 Matt Kenseth Dollar General Toyota Camry

16 21 Trevor Bayne Motocraft/Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center Ford Fusion

17 22 Joey Logano Shell Pennzoil Ford Fusion

18 24 Jeff Gordon Drive to End Hunger Chevrolet SS

19 27 Paul Menard Menards/Peak Chevrolet SS

20 29 Kevin Harvick Budweiser Chevrolet SS

21 26 Michael Waltrip Sandy Hook School Support Fund Toyota Camry

22 31 Jeff Burton CATERPILLAR Chevrolet SS

23 32 Terry Labonte C & J Energy Services Ford Fusion

24 33 Austin Dillon Honeynut Cheerios Chevrolet SS

25 34 David Ragan Detail Doctor Ford Fusion

26 35 Josh Wise MDS Transport Ford Fusion

27 36 J J Yeley Golden Corral Chevrolet SS

28 38 David Gilliland Love's Travel Stops Ford Fusion

29 39 Ryan Newman Quicken Loans Chevrolet SS

30 42 Juan Pablo Montoya Target Chevrolet SS

31 43 Aric Almirola Smithfield Ford Fusion

32 47 Bobby Labonte Kroger Toyota Camry

33 48 Jimmie Johnson Lowe's Chevrolet SS

34 51 Regan Smith Phoenix Construction Chevrolet SS

35 52 Brian Keselowski Toyota Camry

36 55 Mark Martin Aaron's Dream Machine Toyota Camry

37 56 Martin Truex Jr. NAPA Auto Parts Toyota Camry

38 78 Kurt Busch Furniture Row Racing Chevrolet SS

39 83 David Reutimann Burger King Toyota Camry

40 87 Joe Nemechek Florida DOT - D.A.B. Constructors Toyota Camry

41 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. National Guard Chevrolet SS

42 93 Travis Kvapil Burger King Toyota Camry

43 95 Scott Speed TBD Ford Fusion

44 98 Michael McDowell K-LOVE/Curb Records Ford Fusion

45 99 Carl Edwards Fastenal Ford Fusion

Friday, February 8, 2013


Hello 4 Wide Racers. Otto Von Levenhiem here again. It's getting close to Valentines Day and I have found several while searching the Dumpsters behind the Daytona Garage area. For some reason these wonderful Valentines were toss out into the trash.

I Guess Landon Cassill and Burger King found this Valentine in Poor taste. I imagine several Burger King Customers couldn't tell the difference.

Looks like the Honeymoons over for these two lovebirds. Or is it a bad I Love Lucy rerun??

MARK MARTIN Isn't a Cy-Borg.....Hes a just a Borg!!

What was this Sponsor thinking? Just a little insensative, perhaps thats why this Valentine was canned.

Well 4 Wide Fans ,as you can see. Theres no telling what will turn up in the dumpsters. I'll keep digging and see if I can find some more. If you all come across a Valentine just send em my way and i'll put em up on the Blog. Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


  When I watched this video above, it reminded me what a crap shoot the Super Speedway races are.   Last year I remember picking a couple of Restrictor Plate studs and some up and comers(A-B). Then I took a gamble on some longer shots (C)

Below is my roster.

A-Matt Kenseth
A-Greg Biffle (Started)\
B-Dale Earnhardt Jr (Started)
B-Joey Logano
B-Clint Bowyer
B-Marcos Ambrose (Started)
C-A.J. Almendinger (Started)
C-Bobby Labonte

As you can see I started Biffle ,Earnardt,Ambrose,Almendinger.

Below are a few of  my notes from last years race.One of the longest and wierdest races I've seen.

  It didn't take long for the fun to start . On lap 2 Jimmy Johnson got spun out thru the tri-oval and took out my driver Almendinger. Not a good start for me or for those who had Jimmy.
Now with 40 laps to go Juan Pablo Montoya was sniffing a line off his dashboard during a caution and plowed into the back of the Jet-Drier. Columbians...what are ya gonna do? So now we had a 2 hour red flag while Nascar roasted weinies on the burning Jet-Drier.

  Finally we got back to racing at lap 35, and I was sitting pretty with Biffle(2nd) ,Ambrose (17th)and Earnhardt(3rd) .The Dinger came back out after repairs and was a distant 36th. I was crossing my fingers and hoping for a clean finish..
  Then with 22 laps to go Ricky Stenhouse-Patrick slid and Ambrose spun into the Grass "Son of a #^*&*". This put Ambrose way back in 29th but I still had Biffle in 2nd and Earnhardt in 3rd. I watched the laps tick off ..
17 to go....
Oh noooo ...With 13 to go, another wreck.Those that had Kahne,Keselowski,Amirola,Smith and McMurray were rolling around in pain.......Luckily I was still ok.
   It's around midnight ,8 to go and back to green. I'm sitting pretty good at  2nd,3rd ,25th,34th. Oh Sh**; On lap 4 Tony Stewart goes around with 5 others. None of my guys..Whew.
Now it's a Green-White Checker and I'm getting sleepy. I'm  still doing well with a 2nd, 4th,19th,34th. Checkered Flag... My guys finsished 2nd-Earnardt, 3rd-Biffle, 13th-Ambrose,34th-Almendinger.
   What a wild Daytona 500 people. Many who had Johnson and Gordon had a rough start for the fantasy season. Just bad luck. But all in all my guys did well and it was one reason why I finished with a 98% overall last year.
   My point is: Luck Baby!!! You need some luck to get thru the Super Speedways. And if you find yourself with 3 of your picks still in the running coming down the stretch. Count yourself amongst the Lucky Few!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


  First, Congratulations Rusty on a great career and your induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Well deserved. Rusty loves the new Gen-6 car and as you see above in the Video. He predicts a great racing season with the new car. Rusty's not the only one bullish on Gen-6. Jeff Gordon had this to say about the newest car.

 ""We had a car (Gen-4) that looked really similar to the manufacturer vehicle that was in the showroom," Gordon said Wednesday "We went completely away from that in every which way, from having a splitter, we had the wing, and we just had this blocky looking car that wasn't a sexy looking car."We made that car (the 2007 car) a really good race car. It took a while, but we did. Now I look at this (Gen-6) race car and see where we're starting out with this car -- and it feels good. It drives good, it's forgiving, it's got a great aerodynamic balance... So far, I'm a big fan. I love it. I like what's happening underneath the car. I like the body style."

  Reading thru the the reams of Gen-6 Articles it looks like most of the NASCAR teams are on the Gen-6 bandwagon. Thats good because I remember when they brought out the car of tomorrow with the wing on the back. Nobody but the saftey guys were happy. I also agree with Rusty. This car is not only racy, it looks great and finally we can tell manufacturers apart. I'm excited as a race fan but as a fantasy player.........The unknowns are killing me!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


                           VIDEO  HISTORY OF THE GEN CARS

   Wave goodbye to the Car of Tomorrow and in my opinion, Good Riddance! The new Gen 6 car is a step in the right direction for race fans. Now we can tell the Fords from the Chevys and Camarys . I hated the way NASCAR made Stock Car Racing....well.... not Stock. What brought me into the sport in the late 70's was seeing the car in my driveway race at 200 MPH on the track. Even though it wasn't really my Charger on the track, at least one like it could fly!

   I know NASCAR had to make the cars safer after Earnhardts wreck. And I agree that while we watch 4 hours of racing to see "The Wreck" , It should not be at the expence of a drivers life. I always thought that there was a way to make em safe and still make em look like they did on the show room floor. Some middle ground so to speak, this may be what we see today.

   The proof is in the pudding and it will be interesting to see how the cars race . The super-speedways really won't tell us much because they are massaged by the windtunnel. But when the cars meet on the mile and a half tracks ,then we should have a good take on the Gen 6 car. By the way I love Video 2. Watching the Hudson Hornet and the Chargers race makes me long for the days of old.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


  Let me welcome all the new players to this years 4 wide racing league. My name is Otto Von Levenhiem and I am the corespondent for Mad News. Mad News is owned and run by the infamous Madmuldoon of the Wrigleyville Whif Blog (Whatifsports Baseball Blog).I was asked to come over and kick the tires on this new Blog and start the Engines!.
   This season the France Family and their minions instituted many changes. One is the qualifying rules, and Madmuldoon already addressed that topic in a earlier post.Another is the new Gen-6 car that will replace the so-called car of tomorrow.The Gen-6 car will be discussed in a later post but below are some other intriguing questions for the upcoming season.

Will Danica Patrick learn how to wreck someone without taking herself out??

Will Mark Martin finally reveal the fountain of youth or be exposed as a Cy-Borg?

Which Busch brother get suspened first?

Will Carl Edwards get to do his Back Flip?

Can Brad Keselowski repeat in his new Ford?

How much more pressure can Tony Stewarts fire suit take? And should he be called Smoked Sausage?

As you can see race fans this is a season of many unknowns . If you have any questions? Send em my way and I will post them for you. This is Otto Von Levenhiem ......I'm outa here.