Sunday, February 3, 2013


  When I watched this video above, it reminded me what a crap shoot the Super Speedway races are.   Last year I remember picking a couple of Restrictor Plate studs and some up and comers(A-B). Then I took a gamble on some longer shots (C)

Below is my roster.

A-Matt Kenseth
A-Greg Biffle (Started)\
B-Dale Earnhardt Jr (Started)
B-Joey Logano
B-Clint Bowyer
B-Marcos Ambrose (Started)
C-A.J. Almendinger (Started)
C-Bobby Labonte

As you can see I started Biffle ,Earnardt,Ambrose,Almendinger.

Below are a few of  my notes from last years race.One of the longest and wierdest races I've seen.

  It didn't take long for the fun to start . On lap 2 Jimmy Johnson got spun out thru the tri-oval and took out my driver Almendinger. Not a good start for me or for those who had Jimmy.
Now with 40 laps to go Juan Pablo Montoya was sniffing a line off his dashboard during a caution and plowed into the back of the Jet-Drier. Columbians...what are ya gonna do? So now we had a 2 hour red flag while Nascar roasted weinies on the burning Jet-Drier.

  Finally we got back to racing at lap 35, and I was sitting pretty with Biffle(2nd) ,Ambrose (17th)and Earnhardt(3rd) .The Dinger came back out after repairs and was a distant 36th. I was crossing my fingers and hoping for a clean finish..
  Then with 22 laps to go Ricky Stenhouse-Patrick slid and Ambrose spun into the Grass "Son of a #^*&*". This put Ambrose way back in 29th but I still had Biffle in 2nd and Earnhardt in 3rd. I watched the laps tick off ..
17 to go....
Oh noooo ...With 13 to go, another wreck.Those that had Kahne,Keselowski,Amirola,Smith and McMurray were rolling around in pain.......Luckily I was still ok.
   It's around midnight ,8 to go and back to green. I'm sitting pretty good at  2nd,3rd ,25th,34th. Oh Sh**; On lap 4 Tony Stewart goes around with 5 others. None of my guys..Whew.
Now it's a Green-White Checker and I'm getting sleepy. I'm  still doing well with a 2nd, 4th,19th,34th. Checkered Flag... My guys finsished 2nd-Earnardt, 3rd-Biffle, 13th-Ambrose,34th-Almendinger.
   What a wild Daytona 500 people. Many who had Johnson and Gordon had a rough start for the fantasy season. Just bad luck. But all in all my guys did well and it was one reason why I finished with a 98% overall last year.
   My point is: Luck Baby!!! You need some luck to get thru the Super Speedways. And if you find yourself with 3 of your picks still in the running coming down the stretch. Count yourself amongst the Lucky Few!

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