Monday, February 25, 2013

Daytona was a rough start for most


I kept shaking my head after Harvick was taken out at lap 33.And Kyle Busch blew his engine with 50 to go. Bad start for my fantasy team. This weeks top finisher was Skull and Bones, even though he also lost Harvick. But unlike myself, he had Biffle and Little E In the B-slots. We both rolled the dice with Danica who was my top finisher. The wild texans and DirtPrincess finished 2nd and 3rd duly to picking Jimmy Johnson in the A-slot.Nice call!
  You can always get away with one of your starters finishing in the basement (30-43). But when two go down it usually is a bad day at the Fantasy Track.And many of us had 2 or more finish in the basement. Next week we bottom feeders will have another crack at breaking the top ten in 4 wide. Good Luck in Phoenix everyone and congrats Skull and Bones on your win.


1 SKULL and BONES 262

2 wild texans 252

3 DirtPrincess00 242

4 Speed Racer 242

5 Jesus Motorsports 208

6 Alabama Titans 206

7 john66 192

8 Da Gangsters 190

9 LeeRacer 188

10 Rat Rods 184

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