Tuesday, January 29, 2013


  First, Congratulations Rusty on a great career and your induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Well deserved. Rusty loves the new Gen-6 car and as you see above in the Video. He predicts a great racing season with the new car. Rusty's not the only one bullish on Gen-6. Jeff Gordon had this to say about the newest car.

 ""We had a car (Gen-4) that looked really similar to the manufacturer vehicle that was in the showroom," Gordon said Wednesday "We went completely away from that in every which way, from having a splitter, we had the wing, and we just had this blocky looking car that wasn't a sexy looking car."We made that car (the 2007 car) a really good race car. It took a while, but we did. Now I look at this (Gen-6) race car and see where we're starting out with this car -- and it feels good. It drives good, it's forgiving, it's got a great aerodynamic balance... So far, I'm a big fan. I love it. I like what's happening underneath the car. I like the body style."

  Reading thru the the reams of Gen-6 Articles it looks like most of the NASCAR teams are on the Gen-6 bandwagon. Thats good because I remember when they brought out the car of tomorrow with the wing on the back. Nobody but the saftey guys were happy. I also agree with Rusty. This car is not only racy, it looks great and finally we can tell manufacturers apart. I'm excited as a race fan but as a fantasy player.........The unknowns are killing me!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


                           VIDEO  HISTORY OF THE GEN CARS

   Wave goodbye to the Car of Tomorrow and in my opinion, Good Riddance! The new Gen 6 car is a step in the right direction for race fans. Now we can tell the Fords from the Chevys and Camarys . I hated the way NASCAR made Stock Car Racing....well.... not Stock. What brought me into the sport in the late 70's was seeing the car in my driveway race at 200 MPH on the track. Even though it wasn't really my Charger on the track, at least one like it could fly!

   I know NASCAR had to make the cars safer after Earnhardts wreck. And I agree that while we watch 4 hours of racing to see "The Wreck" , It should not be at the expence of a drivers life. I always thought that there was a way to make em safe and still make em look like they did on the show room floor. Some middle ground so to speak, this may be what we see today.

   The proof is in the pudding and it will be interesting to see how the cars race . The super-speedways really won't tell us much because they are massaged by the windtunnel. But when the cars meet on the mile and a half tracks ,then we should have a good take on the Gen 6 car. By the way I love Video 2. Watching the Hudson Hornet and the Chargers race makes me long for the days of old.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


  Let me welcome all the new players to this years 4 wide racing league. My name is Otto Von Levenhiem and I am the corespondent for Mad News. Mad News is owned and run by the infamous Madmuldoon of the Wrigleyville Whif Blog (Whatifsports Baseball Blog).I was asked to come over and kick the tires on this new Blog and start the Engines!.
   This season the France Family and their minions instituted many changes. One is the qualifying rules, and Madmuldoon already addressed that topic in a earlier post.Another is the new Gen-6 car that will replace the so-called car of tomorrow.The Gen-6 car will be discussed in a later post but below are some other intriguing questions for the upcoming season.

Will Danica Patrick learn how to wreck someone without taking herself out??

Will Mark Martin finally reveal the fountain of youth or be exposed as a Cy-Borg?

Which Busch brother get suspened first?

Will Carl Edwards get to do his Back Flip?

Can Brad Keselowski repeat in his new Ford?

How much more pressure can Tony Stewarts fire suit take? And should he be called Smoked Sausage?

As you can see race fans this is a season of many unknowns . If you have any questions? Send em my way and I will post them for you. This is Otto Von Levenhiem ......I'm outa here.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hendrick Cars are 4-Wide

Some know me, some don't. Some are better for it ,Some are not. Regardless I put together this Blog in order to make this Fantasy racing league more entertaining. If anyone would like posting privleges for the Blog they are welcome. It's always better to have more than one voice or opinion on racing. I know Bowyer and Gordon fans may never see eye to eye, But it's great fun to hear from both,and watch them go at it. Good luck to all and keep it between the ditches.

Friday, January 18, 2013



By now you've heard about the new qualifying rules. Last year the top 35 in points were assured a spot in the field no matter how bad they qualified. This season the fastest 36 qualifying times are in ,then 6 of the last 7 spots will be filled by Owners points . The last spot will still be reserved for the past champion provisional unless there is no past champion available, then it will be filled with next car in owners point.

   You can see the problem in Yahoo Fantasy racing. We pick our 2 A-drivers, 4 B-drivers and 2 C-drivers before qualifying. What happens if a couple of your drivers in any catagory fail to make the race? Especially the A guys. It could happen. So choose your drivers carefully and cross your fingers gents. I gambled on a few drivers last year, but I may have to be more conservative. A DNR could sink your season.