Saturday, January 26, 2013


                           VIDEO  HISTORY OF THE GEN CARS

   Wave goodbye to the Car of Tomorrow and in my opinion, Good Riddance! The new Gen 6 car is a step in the right direction for race fans. Now we can tell the Fords from the Chevys and Camarys . I hated the way NASCAR made Stock Car Racing....well.... not Stock. What brought me into the sport in the late 70's was seeing the car in my driveway race at 200 MPH on the track. Even though it wasn't really my Charger on the track, at least one like it could fly!

   I know NASCAR had to make the cars safer after Earnhardts wreck. And I agree that while we watch 4 hours of racing to see "The Wreck" , It should not be at the expence of a drivers life. I always thought that there was a way to make em safe and still make em look like they did on the show room floor. Some middle ground so to speak, this may be what we see today.

   The proof is in the pudding and it will be interesting to see how the cars race . The super-speedways really won't tell us much because they are massaged by the windtunnel. But when the cars meet on the mile and a half tracks ,then we should have a good take on the Gen 6 car. By the way I love Video 2. Watching the Hudson Hornet and the Chargers race makes me long for the days of old.

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