Tuesday, January 29, 2013


  First, Congratulations Rusty on a great career and your induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Well deserved. Rusty loves the new Gen-6 car and as you see above in the Video. He predicts a great racing season with the new car. Rusty's not the only one bullish on Gen-6. Jeff Gordon had this to say about the newest car.

 ""We had a car (Gen-4) that looked really similar to the manufacturer vehicle that was in the showroom," Gordon said Wednesday "We went completely away from that in every which way, from having a splitter, we had the wing, and we just had this blocky looking car that wasn't a sexy looking car."We made that car (the 2007 car) a really good race car. It took a while, but we did. Now I look at this (Gen-6) race car and see where we're starting out with this car -- and it feels good. It drives good, it's forgiving, it's got a great aerodynamic balance... So far, I'm a big fan. I love it. I like what's happening underneath the car. I like the body style."

  Reading thru the the reams of Gen-6 Articles it looks like most of the NASCAR teams are on the Gen-6 bandwagon. Thats good because I remember when they brought out the car of tomorrow with the wing on the back. Nobody but the saftey guys were happy. I also agree with Rusty. This car is not only racy, it looks great and finally we can tell manufacturers apart. I'm excited as a race fan but as a fantasy player.........The unknowns are killing me!!

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