Thursday, January 24, 2013


  Let me welcome all the new players to this years 4 wide racing league. My name is Otto Von Levenhiem and I am the corespondent for Mad News. Mad News is owned and run by the infamous Madmuldoon of the Wrigleyville Whif Blog (Whatifsports Baseball Blog).I was asked to come over and kick the tires on this new Blog and start the Engines!.
   This season the France Family and their minions instituted many changes. One is the qualifying rules, and Madmuldoon already addressed that topic in a earlier post.Another is the new Gen-6 car that will replace the so-called car of tomorrow.The Gen-6 car will be discussed in a later post but below are some other intriguing questions for the upcoming season.

Will Danica Patrick learn how to wreck someone without taking herself out??

Will Mark Martin finally reveal the fountain of youth or be exposed as a Cy-Borg?

Which Busch brother get suspened first?

Will Carl Edwards get to do his Back Flip?

Can Brad Keselowski repeat in his new Ford?

How much more pressure can Tony Stewarts fire suit take? And should he be called Smoked Sausage?

As you can see race fans this is a season of many unknowns . If you have any questions? Send em my way and I will post them for you. This is Otto Von Levenhiem ......I'm outa here.

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