Wednesday, May 29, 2013



WTF!!!! Last year I could do all wrong....This Year EGADS!. I guess I was in for a statistical correction. When my B-driver Dale Jr blew an Motor it was bad luck. But what made it worse....My other B-Driver was Biffle and he was right behind JR when it "Blowed Up". The oil the 88 put down sent the Biffler in the wall and that my friends "Blowed up my Weeks picks. Ah..... but from this weeks low scores, many had bad luck.Perhaps the Fox Sports Cable got ya......another WTF?? Really Fox?? You let your Camera Cable fall down on the track and fans. I feel bad for the Fans who were injured by the cable getting snapped on them when the Cars hit it.And yes some of your picks were harmed by the Bad..bad luck. Finally, A shout out to Ricky Stenhouse, Way to go bud. Wrecking your girlfriend may get ya a few nights in the doghouse ...but the make-up Sex will be well worth it!
   Last weeks top score goes to MulderRacing with 337 points. It was the only score above 300 this week so he jumped from 19th place to 10th.....Nice!! Jesus Motorsports closed the gap on the overall leader (LeeRacer) with 299 points this week. john66 had the 3rd best score with 294 points and moved up 2 notches to 8th place.
   With 1 more race to go it will come down to LeeRacer , Jesus Motorsports and Jack Wagon for the Segment 1 Trophy. But the Monster Mile can make you a hero or a zero real quick. Good Luck Guys and Gals, see ya next week On the 4 Wide In The Corner Blog.


1 LeeRacer   3,380 

2 Jesus Motorsports 3,353  (+1) 

3 Jack Wagon 3,341  (-1) 

4 Kannapolis Intimidators 3,281 

5 monster e racing 3,212 

6 Rat Rods 3,193


8 john66 3,148  (+2) 

9 Dirt Rat Racing 13 3,117  (-1) 

10 MulderRacing 3,098  (+9)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 The Lady in Black was tough and a few drivers got caught up in wrecks. Most notably was Kasey Kahne who again was spun by Kyle Busch. Not sure if Kyle actually touched him this time or took the air off the spoiler, but Kahne went around and hit the wall. With long green flag runs this race came down to whos car was the fastest and Kenseths JGR Toyota was the quickest at the end.
   This weeks 4 Wide winner was Jack Wagon with 316 points and Reader Bulldog Motorsports had another strong finish with 307 points. Monster e racing bounced back to finish 3rd with 303 points. The afore mentioned trio were the only players to finish above the magic 300 points mark.
   Overall in the points, Jack Wagon closed within 40 points of our overall leader LeeRacer. Jesus Motorsports is 58 back with 2 races left for the Segment 1 Trophy. The three are really the only players  who have a legitament shot at the Trophy. Looks like its down to 3 wide in the corner with 2 laps to go...


1 LeeRacer  3,112 

2 Jack Wagon 3,072  (+1) 

3 Jesus Motorsports 3,054  (-1) 

4 Kannapolis Intimidators 2,998 

5 monster e racing 2,997  (+1) 

6 Rat Rods 2,988  (-1)

7 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 2,920  (+1) 

8 Dirt Rat Racing 13 2,910  (+2) 


10 john66 2,854  (+3)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



Front Row Motorsports finshed 1,2. Thats not a misprint people, The little team won the Arons 499 in the twilight of Alabama. David Ragan got a late push from David Gilliland and both crossed the finish line 1st and 2nd. It's a great thing for NASCAR and the fans...but not so much for Fantasy Players ,unless you were really reaching this week.
  Back in 4 Wide the winner this week was Lews' Junk Yard Dogs with 322 points. He jumped up 5 positions in the overall points to 12th place. 2nd place was BIGSHOW'S MACHINE with 310 points. HAYES MOTORSPORTS and Exit 67 tied for 3rd with 306 points.
  Overall, LeeRacer Increased his lead a little over them that was on his bumper. With 3 races to go in the 1st Segment it may before Four Wide around the final turn. Next week we will be in Darlington on Saturday. Can anyone really tame the Lady in Black?


1 LeeRacer   2,835 

2 Jesus Motorsports 2,767  (+1) 

3 Jack Wagon 2,756  (-1) 

4 Kannapolis Intimidators 2,742

5 Rat Rods   2,719 

6 monster e racing 2,694  (+1) 

7 SKULL & BONES 2,685  (+1) 

8 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 2,670 (+3) 

9 SHINYSIDEUP 2,630  (+5) 

10 Dirt Rat Racing 13 2,619  (-4)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


UGGGHHH!! The Humanity. My picks crashed and burned with only my C-pick finishing in the top 20. 129 points.........worst finish for me in several years. Enough about my ineptitude. Richmond short track racing was back and forth paint trading racing. These Gen-6 cars have plenty of down force for banging and racing. Good for the fans and it will ruffle the feathers of many a driver.
   Last weeks winner was DirtPrincess00 with 332 points and moved her up into the top 20. The Flying Dutchman Racing finished second with 311 points and that moved him into the top 10. 3rd was Lew's Junk Yard Dog with an even 300 points and also moved into the top 20.
   The biggest story of this week is the race for the Segment 1 Trophy has tightened up. The top 6 teams are within 80 points with 4 races to go and Jack Wagon is on LeeRacers bumper only 5 points behind for the overall lead. Next week is a Sunday race in beautiful Talladega Alabama. Tighten your belts we could have a Four Wide race for the finish!!


1 LeeRacer   2,579 

2 Jack Wagon 2,574  (+2) 

3 Jesus Motorsports 2,531  (+2) 

4 Kannapolis Intimidators 2,522  (-2) 

5 Rat Rods 2,505  (+1) 

6 Dirt Rat Racing 13 2,499  (-3) 

7 monster e racing 2,462  (+2) 

8 SKULL & BONES 2,417 

9 Flying Dutchman Racing 2,387  (+5) 

10 john66 2,361  (+1)