Wednesday, May 29, 2013



WTF!!!! Last year I could do all wrong....This Year EGADS!. I guess I was in for a statistical correction. When my B-driver Dale Jr blew an Motor it was bad luck. But what made it worse....My other B-Driver was Biffle and he was right behind JR when it "Blowed Up". The oil the 88 put down sent the Biffler in the wall and that my friends "Blowed up my Weeks picks. Ah..... but from this weeks low scores, many had bad luck.Perhaps the Fox Sports Cable got ya......another WTF?? Really Fox?? You let your Camera Cable fall down on the track and fans. I feel bad for the Fans who were injured by the cable getting snapped on them when the Cars hit it.And yes some of your picks were harmed by the Bad..bad luck. Finally, A shout out to Ricky Stenhouse, Way to go bud. Wrecking your girlfriend may get ya a few nights in the doghouse ...but the make-up Sex will be well worth it!
   Last weeks top score goes to MulderRacing with 337 points. It was the only score above 300 this week so he jumped from 19th place to 10th.....Nice!! Jesus Motorsports closed the gap on the overall leader (LeeRacer) with 299 points this week. john66 had the 3rd best score with 294 points and moved up 2 notches to 8th place.
   With 1 more race to go it will come down to LeeRacer , Jesus Motorsports and Jack Wagon for the Segment 1 Trophy. But the Monster Mile can make you a hero or a zero real quick. Good Luck Guys and Gals, see ya next week On the 4 Wide In The Corner Blog.


1 LeeRacer   3,380 

2 Jesus Motorsports 3,353  (+1) 

3 Jack Wagon 3,341  (-1) 

4 Kannapolis Intimidators 3,281 

5 monster e racing 3,212 

6 Rat Rods 3,193


8 john66 3,148  (+2) 

9 Dirt Rat Racing 13 3,117  (-1) 

10 MulderRacing 3,098  (+9)

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