Tuesday, May 7, 2013



Front Row Motorsports finshed 1,2. Thats not a misprint people, The little team won the Arons 499 in the twilight of Alabama. David Ragan got a late push from David Gilliland and both crossed the finish line 1st and 2nd. It's a great thing for NASCAR and the fans...but not so much for Fantasy Players ,unless you were really reaching this week.
  Back in 4 Wide the winner this week was Lews' Junk Yard Dogs with 322 points. He jumped up 5 positions in the overall points to 12th place. 2nd place was BIGSHOW'S MACHINE with 310 points. HAYES MOTORSPORTS and Exit 67 tied for 3rd with 306 points.
  Overall, LeeRacer Increased his lead a little over them that was on his bumper. With 3 races to go in the 1st Segment it may before Four Wide around the final turn. Next week we will be in Darlington on Saturday. Can anyone really tame the Lady in Black?


1 LeeRacer   2,835 

2 Jesus Motorsports 2,767  (+1) 

3 Jack Wagon 2,756  (-1) 

4 Kannapolis Intimidators 2,742

5 Rat Rods   2,719 

6 monster e racing 2,694  (+1) 

7 SKULL & BONES 2,685  (+1) 

8 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 2,670 (+3) 

9 SHINYSIDEUP 2,630  (+5) 

10 Dirt Rat Racing 13 2,619  (-4)

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