Tuesday, April 23, 2013


   Man I just can't get a break. Kyle Busch kept spinning out and was rammed by Logano early in the race. No fault of Logano, Kyle slid down the track and Joey had no place to go. Then with 50 some laps left some of my picks pitted and the yellow flag flew just after they came back on the track. this left many contenders in the back of the pack with no time to get up front. Many of us were bit by the bad luck of the yellow from hell.
   One Four Wide racer had a fantastic day with 370 points.....NICE! That would be the Famous Jack Wagon. He left everyone in his tire smoke with the highest score so far. His closest competetor of this race was Dirt Rat Racing 13 with 309 points. Coming in 3rd was Kannapolis Intimidators with 306 points .Must be the Ghost of Dale Earnhardt riding shotgun Because Kannapolis Intimidators closed the gap in the overall lead to a managable 31 points. With 5 races left in segment 1 this could be a side by side finish for the SEG 1 Trophy.
   Next race is a Saturday night race in Richmond. Short Track racing ............Gotta love it! Someone wake up the wild texans!

1 LeeRacer     2,333 

2 Kannapolis Intimidators 2,302

3 Dirt Rat Racing 13 2,296

4 Jack Wagon 2,279 (+6) 

5 Jesus Motorsports 2,265 

6 Rat Rods 2,236  (+5) 

7 SHINYSIDEUP 2,211 (+2) 

8 SKULL & BONES 2,193  (-4) 

9 Semper Pirates 2,182  (-3) 

10 monster e racing 2,178  (-3)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013



The Texas race is known for long green flag runs,and this race was no different.Many of you had Stenhouse or Dillon as your C-Pick, I did. And this hurt my points total but it wasn't a crushing blow. Polesetter Kyle Busch had the car to beat but Truex was also strong.
  In the Four Wide Racing league MulderRacing had the top score with 324 points. John66 finished second with 304 points and third was the Semper Pirates with 300 points. LeeRacing still leads overall with 2,091 points and with only 6 races left in segment 1. Time is running out on the field to catch him.See ya in Kansas where theres no place like home!

1 LeeRacer    2,091

2 Kannapolis Intimidators 1,996  (+1) 

3 Dirt Rat Racing 13 1,987  (-1)

4 SKULL & BONES 1,984 

5 Jesus Motorsports 1,954

6 Semper Pirates 1,949  (+1) 

7 monster e racing 1,940 (+2) 

8 john66 1,928  (+2) 

9 SHINYSIDEUP 1,919  (+3) 

10 Rat Rods 1,914  (-4)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


  Everyones attention was focused on Joey " Blocking" Logano and Tony "Smoked Sausage" Stewart. And anything goes on the Martinsville Paperclip. Both behaved themselves but others had a tough day. You can always tell how well your drivers are doing by the dents in the sheet metal. If the dents are on the outside of the car ,your in the groove. If they are on the inside, your in the way. Jimmy Johnson was in the groove and won himself a nice Franklin Clock.
  Speaking of In the groove. LeeRacer is smoking the field right now,he stretched his lead on the second place Dirt Rat Racing to 90 points. LeeRacer tied for the top score this week with 333 points and that makes 4 out of 6 races above the magic 300 mark. Monster e racing also had 333 points and moved into the overall top ten. Da Gangsters also had a great day with 332 points and moved up 4 positions into 14th.
  Remeber that the next race at Texas will be run on Saturday so dont forget to get your lineups set. Good Luck Boys and Girls!

1 LeeRacer 1,831 

2 Dirt Rat Racing 13 1,741 

3 Kannapolis Intimidators 1,722

4 SKULL & BONES 1,692 

5 Jesus Motorsports 1,690  (+2)

6 Rat Rods 1,668  (+2) 

7 Semper Pirates 1,649  (-2) 

8 Flying Dutchman Racing 1,647  (-2) 

9 monster e racing 1,644  (+4) 

10 john66 1,624  (-1)