Tuesday, April 9, 2013


  Everyones attention was focused on Joey " Blocking" Logano and Tony "Smoked Sausage" Stewart. And anything goes on the Martinsville Paperclip. Both behaved themselves but others had a tough day. You can always tell how well your drivers are doing by the dents in the sheet metal. If the dents are on the outside of the car ,your in the groove. If they are on the inside, your in the way. Jimmy Johnson was in the groove and won himself a nice Franklin Clock.
  Speaking of In the groove. LeeRacer is smoking the field right now,he stretched his lead on the second place Dirt Rat Racing to 90 points. LeeRacer tied for the top score this week with 333 points and that makes 4 out of 6 races above the magic 300 mark. Monster e racing also had 333 points and moved into the overall top ten. Da Gangsters also had a great day with 332 points and moved up 4 positions into 14th.
  Remeber that the next race at Texas will be run on Saturday so dont forget to get your lineups set. Good Luck Boys and Girls!

1 LeeRacer 1,831 

2 Dirt Rat Racing 13 1,741 

3 Kannapolis Intimidators 1,722

4 SKULL & BONES 1,692 

5 Jesus Motorsports 1,690  (+2)

6 Rat Rods 1,668  (+2) 

7 Semper Pirates 1,649  (-2) 

8 Flying Dutchman Racing 1,647  (-2) 

9 monster e racing 1,644  (+4) 

10 john66 1,624  (-1)

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