Tuesday, June 4, 2013



I thought my luck had turned after 2 drivers, who were not my picks, (Kenseth,Truex) Blew engines. Then the bad luck hit me ....Jamie McMurray Popped a radiator and Denny Hamlin hit the wall after blowing a right front tire. NNNooooooooo!! This has been a painfull first segment, and I for one, am glad it's over. But Congrats to Tony "Smoked Sausage" Stewart for his victory at Dover.
   From the look at last weeks scores many of you suffered at the hands of the racing gods. With only one driver finishing above 300 and 11 of us under 200, it's easy to say the Monster Mile lived up to it's name. Last weeks winner was Reader Bulldogs Motorsports with 329 points and it moved him into the top ten in points.The wild texans woke up with 298 points, good for 2nd place. Bigshow's Machine finished 3rd with 291 points and finished segment 1 in the top five.
   Overall, Jesus Motorsports had a bad day but LeeRacer had a worse one. Must have been some devine intervention because Jesus Motorsports had a improbable late season charge to win Segment 1. That trophy will look nice in his case! LeeRacer finished second overall, Jack wagon 3rd, Bigshows's Machine 4th and Kannapolis Intimidators finished 5th.
   O K people we wipe the slates clean and move onto Segment 2 next week with a Party at the Poconos. I, for one, am glad to start over but I still have alot of ground to make up for the overall lead. But Pocono with it's 3 different turns and a long straightway can be ideal to make up ground. The Gen-6 car has been good at most of the tracks but the hardest thing about picking the drivers is: The new qualifying format this season. Now it's a random draw where in the past it was who was fastest in practice. Also there have been several races when we set our line-ups before any practice sessions are run. So it's been a shot in the dark when making picks this year and alot of luck. You will need some good fortune when going 4 Wide In The Corner!!


1 Jesus Motorsports 3,551  (+1) 

2 LeeRacer 3,536  (-1) 

3 Jack Wagon 3,528 

4 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 3,480  (+3) 

5 Kannapolis Intimidators 3,431  (-1) 

6 john66 3,421  (+2) 

7 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 3,408  (+4) 

8 Rat Rods 3,402  (-2) 

9 monster e racing 3,368  (-4) 

10 Dirt Rat Racing 13 3,344  (-1) 

11 SICK PUPS 3,323  (+1) 

12 MulderRacing 3,315  (-2) 

13 SKULL & BONES 3,303  (+3) 

14 Semper Pirates 3,280 (+1)

15 SHINYSIDEUP 3,269  (-2) 

16 Lew's Junk Yard Dogs 3,266  (+2) 

17 Flying Dutchman Racing 3,260  (-3) 

18 Da Gangsters 3,245  (-1) 

19 HOT--FOOT 3,221  (+1)

20 Exit 67 3,216  (-1) 

21 RED 2-1   3,130 

22 wild texans 3,093  (+3) 

23 Speed Racer 3,081  (+1) 

24 BUMPIN UGLIES 3,074  (-1)

25 DirtPrincess00 3,043  (-3) 

26 Colt Lightning 2,944  (+1)

27 Alabama Titans 2,892  (-1)

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