Friday, January 18, 2013



By now you've heard about the new qualifying rules. Last year the top 35 in points were assured a spot in the field no matter how bad they qualified. This season the fastest 36 qualifying times are in ,then 6 of the last 7 spots will be filled by Owners points . The last spot will still be reserved for the past champion provisional unless there is no past champion available, then it will be filled with next car in owners point.

   You can see the problem in Yahoo Fantasy racing. We pick our 2 A-drivers, 4 B-drivers and 2 C-drivers before qualifying. What happens if a couple of your drivers in any catagory fail to make the race? Especially the A guys. It could happen. So choose your drivers carefully and cross your fingers gents. I gambled on a few drivers last year, but I may have to be more conservative. A DNR could sink your season.

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