Friday, February 8, 2013


Hello 4 Wide Racers. Otto Von Levenhiem here again. It's getting close to Valentines Day and I have found several while searching the Dumpsters behind the Daytona Garage area. For some reason these wonderful Valentines were toss out into the trash.

I Guess Landon Cassill and Burger King found this Valentine in Poor taste. I imagine several Burger King Customers couldn't tell the difference.

Looks like the Honeymoons over for these two lovebirds. Or is it a bad I Love Lucy rerun??

MARK MARTIN Isn't a Cy-Borg.....Hes a just a Borg!!

What was this Sponsor thinking? Just a little insensative, perhaps thats why this Valentine was canned.

Well 4 Wide Fans ,as you can see. Theres no telling what will turn up in the dumpsters. I'll keep digging and see if I can find some more. If you all come across a Valentine just send em my way and i'll put em up on the Blog. Happy Valentines Day!

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