Tuesday, July 16, 2013



  My picks were doing great until 90 laps to go....then then my season of woe continued. Kurt Busch owned the field and led the most laps. All of a sudden he tried one of his aggresive moves and Kenseth didn't give him a break. Into the Wall he went and that was my downfall. Joey logano was another fav and he went down early with a tire blowing, wall smacking incident. It was good to see Vickers back in the winners circle driving the MWR 55. That team is amazing with 3 different drivers this year. It looks like this win will give Vickers a full time ride next year.
  Red 2-1 got his first win of the season with 319 points ,and he was the only one to finish above 300. Exit 67 finished 2nd with 292 points and Jack Wagon was 3rd with 291. Colt Lightning took over the Seg-2 lead with HOT-FOOT dropped to 2nd. BIGSHOWS MACHINE moved into the top 5 and now sits 3rd.
   In the overall race , LeeRacer is still in the lead but BIGSHOW'S MACHINE moved within 10 points and sits in 2nd. Jesus Motorsports dropped to 3rd but is only 19 points behind the overall leader. Jack Wagon makes it four wide for the lead and is only 33 points out.
   We have a week off to re-group and the next race at Indy will be crucial for some teams to stay relevent. There are 17 races left in the season and only 7 left before the playoffs. See ya in 2 weeks racefans.


1 LeeRacer 5,080 

2 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 5,070 (+1) 

3 Jesus Motorsports 5,061 (-1) 

4 Jack Wagon 5,047 

5 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 4,936 

6 john66 4,928 (+1) 

7 Dirt Rat Racing 13 4,902 (-1) 


9 Flying Dutchman Racing 4,844 (+1)

10 monster e racing 4,842 (+1)

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