Tuesday, March 12, 2013



Yep this year is wide open. After qualifying and early practices were rained out. The guys and gal had to adjust their cars on the fly. When the checkered flag waved it was Matt Kenseth crossing with the win. Because there were no bonus points awarded for qualifying this week. Scores were mostly around 300 or less. But Dirt Rat Racing 13 won this week with a score of 322.....not to shabby Bryon. He picked the winner Kenseth then backed it up with his B-selections of  4th place Kyle Busch and 5th place Edwards. Semper Pirates and Jack Wagon weren't far behind as they scored 316 points ......Nice!
   Overall LeeRacer is still in 1st ,Skull & Bones are 24 behind in 2nd and Dirt Rat Racing 13 vaulted to 3rd, 32 points back. On to the short track of Bristol were there will be some banging and cursing. GL next week people!


1 LeeRacer 810 

2 SKULL & BONES 786 (+2)

3 Dirt Rat Racing 13 778  (+6) 

4 BUMPIN UGLIES 756  (-2)

5 Jesus Motorsports 755  (+5)

6 Semper Pirates 752  (+8) 

7 Kannapolis Intimidators 751 (+4)

8 Speed Racer 743 (-5) 

9 Rat Rods 742  (-1)

10 wild texans 727  (-5)

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