Tuesday, September 10, 2013



  What a great Saturday Night Race at Richmond. Long green flag runs with a little controversy at the end. Did Boyer spin out on purpose?? But it was clear that Vickers pitted to get Truex in the chase. To me it wasn't against the rules to keep Vickers from pitting to help his teammate out. But NASCAR saw it different, They penalized all the MWR cars and Truex finds himself out of the race. The Spin by Bowyer can't be proved and really is Chickenshit if it was on purpose. But thats what we get with these Mega Teams. They can minipulate the standings and the outcome of races.
  Back to the race , Cousin Carl was the lucky recipient of the shinanigans and won the race. In the Four Wide League the winner was Lew's Junk Yard Dogs with 315 points. Readers Bulldogs Motorsports had another strong finish and was second with 310 points.LeeRacer finished 3rd with 306 points and is making a push to regain the overall lead.
   The Seg-2 race is over and my team the ShinySideUp's Won the darn thing . This good showing in the summer segment got me back into contention in the overall standings.
   The run for the overall trophy is lead by Jesus Motorsport but Realisticly there is 7 teams that could win it all this year .Jesus Motorsports, LeeRacer and Bigshow's Machine are the favorites to win the league this year. Shinysideup and Jack Wagon have a good shot but will need the 3 front runners to crumble. Dirt Rat Racing and john66 are longshots and will need some divine intervention to win the Trophy.
   Next week it's back to Chicago . Good Luck!!


1 Jesus Motorsports 7,095 

2 LeeRacer 7,052 (+1)

3 BIGSHOW'S MACHINES 7,032 (-1) 

4 SHINYSIDEUP 6,986 (+2) 

5 Jack Wagon 6,967 (-1)

6 Dirt Rat Racing 13 6,922 (-1) 

7 john66 6,871

8 Reader Bulldogs Motorsports 6,792 (+1) 

9 Flying Dutchman Racing 6,726 (+1) 

10 monster e racing 6,721 (+1)

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