Tuesday, March 4, 2014


                                                      Freaky Fast Harvick Wins!!

 I did it again. Left the winner on my bench. Ughh! But Dark Horse Didn't make my mistake, he started Harvick and won again . 2 races and 2 wins for the so called Dark Horse who started Harvick, Edwards ,Keselowski and Larson for 354 points. He posted this message after the race: "These were my first two weeks playing this game, very surprised at how well I'm doing."....Well Jeremy, Beginners luck maybe . Regardless you are on a roll my friend. Let me rub your head. LOL
 Finishing second this week was Zagnut Racing with 322 ponits. The last time I saw a Zagnut Bar was at a Gonzaga University Basketball game in Spokane. Yummy candy bars they are!!
Bigshow's Machine rebounded from a terrible Daytona race to finished 3rd with 319 points . It's good to have you back from last year Bigshow. 
  Next week is Vegas Baby!!!  This will be the first race on the so called "cookie cutter tri-ovals". The deadline to select your drivers is Friday morning at 4:00 CST. I contacted Joe Bangers and he promised to get his drivers set. Come on man!!!


1Dark Horse7327320222
2Zagnut Racing6486480220
3Motor City Muscle6236230110
4weekend warriors6166160210
5Kannapolis Intimidators6156150110
7Skidmark Central6096090200
10Tradin Paint5875870110

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