Monday, April 28, 2014


  The Cars were a burnin....literally. The improvements Goodyear made to the tire caused several cars to burn. Goodyear added a wear gap on the inside of the tires. When they wore out the cords they added unraveled and wound around the hot rotor and caught fire. Which in turn caught hoses and brake ducts and even the carbon fiber fenders on fire. What a mess. it getting hot in here or is it just me?
  On the good side there was a great finish with 4 cars vying for the win. Bad Brad ,Gordon and Kenseth were trading paint when Logano lurking in 4th passed em all and won. Love short track racing and who picks a fight with a Big Tasmanian?? Casey Mears for one and he has a shiner to show why it's not wise!
  Bumpin Uglies got his second win of the year with 342 points. He started Earnhardt, Logano, Keselowski and Larson . He is back in the top ten and his name ,Bumpin Uglies is coming fast after spinning his tires at the start. Junkzmotorsports finished second with 326 points and moved into 5th place overall. In 3rd place was my team, ShinySideUp. We scored 320 points even though Cousin Carl mad a green flag stop and was at one time 2 laps down. We took over the top spot in the overall standings and with Talladega next week it's still wide open for the Segment 1 Trophy.
  With a super speedway next week it may take some luck to finish strong.


RankTeamSegment PointsSeason PointsRank +/-Weekly Finishes ?
Top 10Top 5Wins
3Zagnut Racing2,6022,602(+4)630
4Dark Horse2,5972,597(-2)432
6monster e racing2,5822,582(-3)711
8Motor City Muscle2,5662,566(-7)430
9Kannapolis Intimidators2,5552,555(+1)420
10BUMPIN UGLIES2,5272,527(+6)542
11Not 1st Place2,5122,512(+1)420
12Dale Sr #32,4882,488(-1)430
13m&m racing2,4652,465(+4)211
14Skidmark Central2,4592,4590310
16Amish Racin2,4512,451(-7)220
17Pulls Out2,4432,443(-4)332
18BIGSHOW MACHINES2,4362,4360410
19Tradin Paint2,3742,3740310
20F1 Honda RA3012,3372,337(+1)210

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