Sunday, December 6, 2015


  Well laddies Kyle Busch is a Champion and so is our own Redline Your Deception. With 3 wins this year and 11 top 5's, you can see why he won this years overall Trophy. Finishing 2nd this year was M & M Racing 59 points behind the winner. He also had 3 wins but only 9 top 5's. 3rd place this year was Golden Dog 55 points back. He didn't have any wins but was in the top 10, 19 times. Bigshow's finished 4th and Zagnut finished 5th.
  The playoff Trophy goes to Cheers419 eho came on strong at thr end. If he wouldn't have fallen so far behind in the Summer Segment he may have been in the running for the overall.

Thanks to all for setting your line-ups each and every week. We'll see you at the starting line in next years 4 Wide In The Corner League.

Final Standings 2015

RankTeamSeason PointsRank +/-Weekly Finishes ?
Top 10Top 5Wins
1Redline your Deception9,389017113
2m&m racing9,34001793
3GOLDEN DOG9,334019100
5Zagnut Racing9,204(+1)1580
71st Pays More9,18101372
8Happy Harvick wins again9,16601570
9Jocko Flocko's Revenge9,123(+3)1861
10monster e racing9,081(-1)1592
12Checkers or Wreckers9,041(+1)1673
13Kannapolis Intimidators8,972(+1)1272
14SHIRLEYS' TEMPLE8,963(+3)1140
18Alabama Titans8,90201391
20Doug Hevron 018,775(+1)1270
21RVD RACING8,734(-2)962
22Bad Ass Rockets8,6660862
23Haulin' Gas8,47001152
24Trading Paint8,4260940
25Turd Fergason8,292(+1)1140
26Moonshine & Mayhem Racing8,217(-1)842
27Rainbow Warrior7,91901061
29The Shiek3,2270200
30Quest For The Crown3,2190210
31Hport All-Stars3,0360420
32joe Gibbs pool cleaning servic2,7440111
33Stand on It2,4370000

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